So You Accidentally Ate Gluten..


…and now you feel like crap! If you’re feeling stupid for making a mistake, please don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault at all. We all make mistakes and this gluten filled world in which we live doesn’t make it easy sometimes.

The lack of consistent gluten free labelling in some countries doesn’t make it easy either. The company who labelled their product as ‘glutenfree’ but then made it on equipment shared with wheat, it’s their fault, not yours. I’m talking to myself here too because I always get down on myself when I accidentally eat gluten. How could I have made such a silly mistake when I’ve been at this celiac thing for years now! Luckily this doesn’t happen too often but when it does it’s usually down to a product which has been contaminated in manufacturing/production. I know it’s not my fault and that I’ve been as cautious as I could be but it always gets me down.

I was diagnosed as celiac three years ago now and over the years the symptoms I experience after being glutened have gotten worse. My body is so used to feeling great and healthy without gluten that it pretty much freaks out with even the tinniest amount of cross contamination. These are the symptoms I experienced prior to being diagnosed as celiac. What I experience nowadays after accidentally eating gluten is different. Some symptoms are the same, others are different, but it just hit me and knocks me off my feet.

Last week I felt awful. For the whole week I felt completely out of it. Brain fog surrounded me, I felt so fatigued that I was sleeping for 11 hours a night, I was getting aches and twinges all over the place. I wasn’t myself at all. My bathroom visits weren’t the healthiest, my anxiety came back as did my palpitations. Being glutenated is a horrible experience. I’m sure you can relate.

It is my hope that this post will help both newly diagnosed celiacs and more experienced celiacs like myself who get caught out by evil gluten every now and again as well as those folks who think gluten free is a fad diet. This is why I don’t eat gluten. It makes me feel a little more than yucky!

I should probably add that what I THINK got me on this occasion was ice cream which was labelled as ‘gluten free’ but then when I checked their website said ‘Made on share equipment with wheat.’ Unfortunately because I’d also added a couple of other new things to my diet that weekend, a sunflower seed butter and a new toothpaste, I’m staying away from both of these for a week or so too until I can figure out for sure who dunnit! Oh the joys of celiac and trying to figure out what made you sick so that you don’t eat it again!

Check back in tomorrow for my take on How To Cope With Being Glutened and let me know if you’ve found anything that works, or at least helps ease the symptoms. :)

How do you feel when you accidentally eat evil gluten? Can you tell right away that you’ve been caught out? How long do symptoms normally last? I’d love to hear what accidentally eating gluten feels like for you. Share your experiences in the comments below..


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  • Mine is always a delay so I honestly have to guess what the heck I ate. Or am I just not feeling well? Aggravating to say the least. I could use stronger words, but since this is a family blog, I’ll stay reserved :)

  • haha, thanks Dude. Yes, often I’m trying to figure out whether evil gluten got me or whether I’m just feeling a bit off colour. It becomes easier to tell when some of the lovely symptoms start though :/

  • My symptoms are: Brain fog, bloating and other stuff, dizziness, muscle twitches and weakness in my legs, extreme sleepiness and heart palpitations.

    I recently started using play doh with my clients in therapy: my hands began peeling and got itchy after a few days of using it. It has been over a week now since I have used it and they are almost back to normal. I also have changed face makeup due to this as well.

  • Well said and I agree sometimes it just happens. Labeling is always the biggest issue and sometimes you miss things. Typically, I will know within two hours if I ingested it by accident. Keep up the great posts :)

  • I love that Wendy talked about her skin issues. I get welts and rash when gluten (sunblock) hits my skin and people act like I’m crazy.
    Internally I get serious cramps about 1 1/2 house after I eat. Some nice bathroom issues follow for about 3 days.
    I am really glad you mentioned the muscle cramps and twitches, I thought I was hallucinating those, Hmmm. Thanks for the conversation…

  • For me, I’d say I know within 30 minutes if I was glutened. And it all starts with extreme bloating, followed by a tummy ache. The G.I. issues, headaches, and fatigue last about 3 weeks. Not such a fun time.
    The worst is when it happens on travel for work!

  • Migraine, within 30 minutes usually, is my only sure sign that gluten was involved. All of my other gluten symptoms: bloating/nausea, extreme fatigue/sleepiness, back/neck pain, tingling/numb fingers, brain fog, and etc. are also triggered by other grains, psuedo-grains, starches, and refined sugar.

    There is a benefit, though: when I avoid all grains and starchy carbs in general, rather than just gluten, my food becomes even more natural and therefore less likely to be contaminated in the first place. I have had far fewer gluten contaminations since giving up grains.

  • This is a great newsletter and a terrific post!

    I didn’t know about my CD until my 18 month old son was diagnosed four years ago. I was told that I had Chron’s Disease among other things. My symptoms waxed and waned throughout my life before going gluten free. On the other hand, my infant son was very sick consistently – especially after we started him on solid foods. After suffering terribly for over a year, he showed dramatic improvement within just a few days of going gluten free. I went GF a few months later, and noticed improvement slowly over time.

    We both however find that since our tummies have healed up that we have much more pronounced reactions if we slip up from even teny tiny cross contamination. We eat the same foods, but have slightly different reactions to trace gluten. As my pediatrician said: “children aren’t just miniature versions of grown-ups. Physiologically, they are different in truly fundamental ways.” My son gets a QUICK reaction (minutes after and up to an hour). I think he gets the brain fog right away as do I. I feel drugged and tired immediately (30 minutes as the others stated), but the bathroom troubles aren’t until the next morning. My son has got to run to the bathroom, and doesn’t always make it. It sounds awful, but he gets better very fast. He doesn’t feel bad for three days after like I do.

    He had one major slip since going GF. He ate a whole hard pretzel snack that had actual gluten ingredients. Oh my gosh! It was horrible. He had terrible sores inside and outside his mouth. He was only 2 at the time, and couldn’t really tell me how he felt, but his diapers were bad for about three weeks, and his immune system tanked. He was sick with flu and colds, ear and chest infections and bizarre skin rashes for six weeks. He had never had that kind of reaction before going GF.

    Despite all this – I feel elated that the key to keeping my son healthy is in his diet. I know that many other parents aren’t so lucky.

  • I’m feeling sad and horrible tonight, because our son who is four and was just recently diagnosed just ate something with wheat in it from our freezer – something we bought before he was diagnosed and forgot it had wheat in it. We’d been doing so well, and right now I feel terrible. Thanks for your post. I just wish it was me that had been contaminated and not my son. :(

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone! Being glutened is horrible but it’s nice to know none of us are alone and that there is a whole community out there who understands this crazy disease and what comes with it. :)

    Cookie’s mom, Sorry to hear your son was glutened. I hope he feels better soon! Sending gluten free hugs to both you and him! :)

  • My son has Coeliac- I have had all same symptoms and panic/anxiety lethargy for years so after son diagnosed was tested-and mine came back fine-but as felt rubbish tried same diet. Amazing never ever felt so good. And if I slip up-look out. with in 3o mins the room swims-I get panicky-my heart races, I feel sick and don’t know which way up I am- and then feel like I need to lie down on the floor like I’ve been drugged. happend on train last time and had visions of myself being carried off as I felt that bad. Then I get stomach ache-a burning pain- for about 48 hours then the MODD SWINGS. Oh my god- duck for cover everyone! GP’s reckon it doesn’t happen-it does to me I’m evil nad get really paranoi-and then it passes as quickly as it came. And I assure you its the gluten- never get it when not having any-after having mood swings for 20 years-and no gluten has improved my PMS by about 95% too.And I apparently DON’T have Coeliac -yeah right! so how come I feel great then -unless I slip up! I was ofered to eat it all again and make myself really ill for 6 weeks so they could test again- I don’t think so- I like feeling well. My son – the ‘TRUE Coeliac -if he eats gluten-even a trace too- gets a migraine,fogginess and usually throws up without any warning at all withing 30 minutes-evrywhere!-and he is 13 but it is so violent he has no warning at all-then he had stomach pains and cramps for about 3 days. he also gets the horrible mood swings-and he has been known to cheat on his diet as he misses his favourite things-but is always caught out by the irritabillity 48 hours later!!

  • oooh and I forgot- also get pains down side of face, numbness and tingling like cold water trickling on my cheek bone – and fuzzy to the touch- and bloating- oh joy!

  • I always kick myself. heh. I am still learning, and becoming more sensitive the longer my body goes without.

    I usually start with a sour tummy, bloat, gas, and brain fog. When I try to sleep, I get nightmares and sore joints (namely my lower back), and by day 2 or 3 (sometimes on day 1) comes the migraines. It is usually like this, and in this order. I don’t really ever experience a delay. :\

  • Christy Lynn

    Sep 4th, 2012

    Oh I feel like I want to die. Who’d have thought that at a prestigious 5 star resort, I’d have been glutenated? They said the bagels were gluten free. I should have known….it seemed WAY too much like the kind of bagels I used to eat before I went gluten free last year after suffering 4 decades of nightmarish health…. it was quite silly of me not to have dropped the bagel that seemed way too ‘glutenous’ and cried foul. Truth of the matter? It was so yummy, so firm and well, different tasting than the bagels I get from my local grocery store in the gluten free section-don’t get me wrong, I have found some GREAT gluten free foods including breads and bagels! I feel like I’m the biggest, most bloated creature on the planet. I am exhausted. I’m in a lot of pain. I feel awful. I am praying that this goes away soon. Nothing like hanging out in bed at this beautiful resort when I could be out in the pool(no way this Shamu is hitting the pool deck), out on a boat, out anywhere but feeling like THIS. Folks, my ears are ringing, I’m sweating like I forgot to take my Premarin(ovarian cancer survivor, 4 times, thank you, I’m achy and have chills. I feel like I had a few glasses of wine but haven’t had anything to drink-and I don’t mean I feel silly and whimsical. Please, make sure that you check, check and triple check when you’re out and about on the road, that what you’re being fed by strangers is what you’d feed yourself at home. Much love to you all! Thanks for being here for me… you all rock!

  • Hi All,
    I am non-celiac gluten intolerant but I seem to get worse symptoms than my friend who is celiac. Yesterday I made some lentil dahl, not thinking for a moment there would be problems with lentils, but after 20 minutes of eating them I knew I was on the road to hell. The stomach ache started, then my shoulders, neck and back were the most painful I have ever experienced. I had a hot bath and was more comfortable. As soon as I got out of the bath the aches and pains started again and continued until 2am. I took some panadol back and neck, they didnt help at all. I felt like I was dying, it was awful. This morning I feel fine. I fished the lentil packet out of the bin and red the warning “may contain traces of Barley”, why I never checked the packet in the supermarket I will never know! I check everything, usually. Oh well, looks like I learned the hard way.

  • Holy cow! I am very new to gluten sensitivity (2 months) and have really put a lot of effort into my diet. I feel worlds better, thank goodness. However, two days ago, I’m certain I was glutened in a restaurant I have eaten in before without any issues. Started feeling it about 12 hours later, and thought I was actually getting the flu within 24 hours. Nausea, stomach pains, joint aches, chills, and definitely bad bathroom issues. Today, SO much better. Because I am so new to this, I googled symptoms if glutened and came upon this blog. Thank God! I really thought I was nuts! Will be taking those extra steps of precaution all the time now. And if I can just convince those folks around me who think I’m exaggerating or making it up :)

  • My son has been diagnosed with CD for about two years, he is 11. We are extremely diligent with his food prep but unfortunately he was recently glutened, still trying to figure out the culprit, grandmas gf bikkies or his favourite gf takeaway shop…. His glutened symptoms are initially a glugy throat, anxiety, headache, extreme fatigue and heart palpitations. Then a bout of violent vomiting. This lasts for a couple of hours, then the next day his bowel motions aren’t favourable. Hopefully we can stop this from happening again :(

  • Ugh it’s literally just happened… I hate that feeling where your blood runs cold as you realise what you’ve done to yourself. Like my bowels are laughing at me ‘have a good day tomorrow, you’re gonna spend hours on the toilet!!’

    Great… Tho I don’t get it half as bad as some coeliacs, I just have bad toilet issues, headaches and stomach cramps… Usually not til the next day and it only lasts 24 hours… So I’m lucky really!!

    Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow! :( xxx

  • Caryopteris

    Nov 19th, 2012

    I get a migraine about 4 1/2 hours after being glutened. I have an extremely slow digestive system due to a tortuous colon, so maybe that’s why it’s such a delay. I also get the migraine if I eat nuts, unfortunately. I have lethargy and brain fog. Digestion changes, but because of my slow digestion, I have to take Miralax. When I have insurance I take Amitiza to keep things moving. My symptoms last a long time, like 3 months. My mom laughs when I say that, which makes me want to punch her. There is nothing funny about it. She isn’t trying to hold down a job like I am.

  • It truly is nice to know you aren’t alone. When I realized this afternoon that I was glutened, I knew what I would be dealing with. The stomach cramping has begun, chills, and for the first time I have tingling fingers. They feel swollen. No brain fog yet, but that fluish feeling usually happens and so does the brain fog. It really sucks. I have been gluten free for 2 and a half years now and I am very strict with my diet. So when I do get glutened it’s typically from eating out somewhere that the waitress denies there is any gluten in something and I trust her. This rarely happens because I am so careful. but I was just plain stupid today. I ate 2 tacos from taco bell. What was I thinking!! I don’t eat fast food EVER! But I was out with my son and we were going to go out for sushi at a really gluten-free friendly restaurant that actually has a bottle of gluten free soy sauce. Anyhow they were closed and so we stopped on the way home at Taco bell. I was starving so I thought I would be okay this one time ( because I also avoid preservatives). I actually thought their hard shell taco’s would be gluten free. Well, don’t eat there!!! My episodes are few because I am very strict and most of the time I eat at home fresh and clean only. Usually my episodes last anywhere from 3 days to a week. Unfortunately they have always been trace amounts. I think this was a larger amount. here we go! I did hear that if you get ahold of gluten you should take a probiotic ASAP. I also heard that mint can help with some of the symptoms. I am out of probiotics so I ate a few tablespoons of greek yogurt.

  • I have been GF for 4 years and now react extremely quickly to being glutened…severe stomach cramping/bloating & explosive diarrhea, body aches, fatigue, and a general feeling of being “hung over” the inital stomach issues last anywhere from 1 to 6 hours and it usually takes at least 24hrs to start to feel better. Not fun at all, I hate gluten.

  • Thank you so much for this post. I was diagnosed with Celiac in October. Before diagnosis I literally thought I was dying of some horrible illness or cancer. I mean I was that sick. Recently, I’ve been glutened mostly through eating out. I just found out after drinking fresh juice from a local juice bar, that it contained barley grass and wheat grass. I was already feeling crappy with migraine, bloating, gas, horrible brain fog and dizzy/fainting spells. I’m on my way to ingest some super strength probiotics and enzymes. Glad that we aren’t alone on this journey. Wishing all health, strength and peace!

  • Thank you, Mami! I hope you’re feeling a lot better now and 2013 is a wonderful year for you. :)

  • @Lozzy. Brilliant! You have it spot on, that’s exactly how it feels isn’t it? “have a good day tomorrow, you’re gonna spend hours on the toilet!!’ :-/

  • What works for me, quick relief, is a red delicious apple. Pain and swelling subsides within the first half hour. I prefer the really huge dark ones, cold. So, keep yourself a few apples handy; and thank God

  • I get the most horrible stomach cramps if I eat even a tiny amount of gluten. They take about 6 hours to start and two days to go. I wish labelling was clearer I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the supermarket reading every contents list.

  • When I get glutened I get brain gig, dizziness, palpitations, chest pain, increased anxiety, restless leg syndrome, migraines, bloating, burning, nausea, you name it!! I find that these symptoms last 2 weeks or so! I was diagnosed in 2011 with celiac disease! Any slight bit of contamination gets me really sick!! I got glutened a few days ago, and I feel worse today, minus the tummy troubles. I find all the other symptoms do much worse!! I hate this feeling!!

  • Oops I meant brain fog!! I hate auto correct!!

  • I’m celiac too and have had gluten last night by accident. It takes me about 12h to react and then I get a very sudden nausea, chill, can’t stand up, shivers :(

    Got that this morning, actually vomited a lot, then felt weak but much better. It only lasts a few hours but the nausea is really strong! It’s only the second time it’s happened recently and I’m starting to believe its the gluten. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, I had no symptoms so it’s hard to believe I can react so strongly now.

  • I tested negative for celiac but went gluten free with my Celiac son. I figured i would be fine eating some gluten at an asian restaurant after all Ive only been dx w IBS :( wrong I feel terrible & I actually knowinly ate gluten soy sauce and dessert :( bloating diarrhea fatique nausea I went to my Dr because “this” has happened 4 times in the last 6 months to which i assume i need an endoscope or have something awful wrong with me but now im starting to think itsfrom the Gluten btw my dr blew me off and thought i had a stomach virus I have vomitted the last two times

  • Laura – I just wanted to say a huge thank you for this site. As a newly diagnosed coeliac (in the UK) it was been amazing to know i am not alone.
    I was diagnosed just before xmas but have to wait 10 weeks to see a dietician, even longer to see my consultant so i feel pretty much in the dark about it all.
    Ive been really careful but was ‘glutenised’ at the weekend. All week I have felt like death, similar to a week long hangover. The brain fog describes it perfectly! My bowels have returned to how they were prediagnosis. My skin feels really sensative and i have also been sleeping for 11/12 hours a night. I cant believe 6 days later they are still ongoing so im hoping it wont be much longer.

    Thanks again for the blog and everyone elses comments. Its really helped in these early months of uncertainty. :o)

  • Wow! So sick! Up at 3am after eating a lunch yesterday if the yummiest phad Thai with peanut sauce. I knew better but about a year ago had a little bit if the same dish and was okay. Ate the whole entre today and boy was that a bad choice. Immediate brain fog, headache and dizziness that persists. Woke up with stomach pain and cramps and made it to the bathroom just in time, where I’ve spent the last almost hour reminding myself future phad Thai cravings (I’m 3 months pregnant and have been dreaming if phad Thai for weeks) will have to involve making if at home and with GF soy sauce at that. I never ever cheat. Except today and 2x since being diagnosed with CD 16 months ago I’ve been tempted by the eel sauce on a caterpillar roll. I was accidentally glutened at a restaurant 6 months ago and had immediate vomiting and diahrea before the meal even in ended, do was surprised by today’s delayed reaction… sigh…Yesterday’s food disaster choice is a painful lesson. For 99.9 % of the time I’m good but sometimes I want to eat something without having to think it through in minute detail. But my choice was dumb, especially since pregnant and need to be healthy, and simply because I know better…..

  • Oh gosh sorry for the typos. Typing on an iPhone. I really am literate… ;-)

  • The first thing for me is mood swings. I can flip from feeling happy and calm and posiive to raging misery very suddenly. Then anxiety, sweats, palpitations, weepiness, extreme fatigue. Much later I feel like I’ve been kicked in the solar plexus. I feel awful about my uncontrolled emotional outbursts. Has cost me some relatioshps before I got the diet better under control but the odd accident Still happens. Luckily I have some very understanding friends and family.

  • I have never been tested for celiac, but have always had a lot of stomach issues. So, about a year and a half ago after reading “Wheat Belly”, I decided to try going gluten free. I have been gluten free for over a year with the occassional minir mess up. Last week I was having a bad day and had made a pizza for my daughter. I was wondering if all of this hassle was really worth it. I decided to eat a piece of pizza. Oh my Gosh! It’s bad! I had a headache within a half hour and felt fatigued a brain fog like I was drunk. The next day I had some bathroom issues and then my stomache starting hurting. It’s been a week and my stomach is killing me. I can barely eat and it really hurts. I hope this goes away soon. I have definitely learned my lesson.

  • Today is my 4th gluten “attack” since the new year. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in July of 2011. Labeling even in your own house if its not completely GF is key as well. We’ve talked about going completely GF in the house, but its costly and guests bring over non-GF things, etc. it can be scary. I didn’t realize we still had regular waffles in our freezer. About 2 hrs after, I get nauseated and it just gets worse and worse and then I have vomiting and other GI issues for up to 3 hrs or so. I also have headache, fatigue and joint pain. It lasts for 1-2 days. I was glad to read I’m not alone and thank you for this site. On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that we all have to live the rest of our lives like this. I know this wont be the last time I get accidentally “glutened”.

  • feeling awful– i knew it. i haven’t had official celiac testing, but i have been tested for a gluten allergy which i don’t have. but i do have IBS, or so my doctor says. my trigger happened to be pasta and bread so i’ve been gluten-free for about 3 months now and feel a lot better. but i always think,”i was never that sick before when i’d eat it, just some mild bathroom problems.” well the longer i’ve been g-free, the worse being glutened is! i feel the brain fog and headache within a couple hours, then nausea, gas, bloating, and diarrhea for about 2 days before i feel any better. guess i shouldn’t have had a bite of my mom’s birthday cake, even though my doctor thought i was just “sensitive” :(

  • So I was trying a new place to host a recognition event for volunteers and we went to a new restaurant. They even had gf marked on their menu. Now I have been GF for 30+ years but it slips in way too often and I get to be in the bathroom for the next days. OK so I get something assuredly GF and the gurgles start before I get home. WHAT happened is it must have been fried with other items with flour. SO Sick and cramps and pain and grouchy and achey. My ears are stuffed and my stomach hurts so much.
    A gastroenterologist told me years ago that there was not such thing as food allergies. Well what do I know?

  • Does anyone get extreme general weakness when they accidentally eat gluten? I get dizziness, nausea, brain fog, stomach issue, heart palpitations etc. My symptoms usually come in a pattern. About 1 hour after I eat something with gluten I immediately experience dizziness, brain fog, nausea. The next day my blood sugar levels drop every 2 hours and I experience the heart palps. On the 3rd day, I usually begin with the bathroom issues and I get extremely weak to where I cannot even walk a few steps without feeling like I am going to collapse. It usually takes me around 7 days to start feeling like myself again. I am just wondering if anyone else gets really weak?

  • Every time I get poisoned (which is rare), I always find this website uplifting. I got used to living abroad and travelling, but recently (today) in Greece, I got glutenized! Their homemade burger patty wasnt as homemade as much as it was processed and frozen.
    I was diagnosed years ago and it makes me feel reassured that Im not alone :) We all make mistakes and its not the end of the world.

  • risingsun24

    May 8th, 2013

    Thank God for blogs like these to let us know we aren’t alone. I’m extremely new to this… having believed I had severe issues with gluten for years, I finally eliminated it five weeks ago. After some ugly detoxing and cravings subsided, I was in awe of the shear force of energy I had and the lift in my mood. In some ways finding foods I can eat has been easier than I thought it would be, but I have underestimated the power of cross contamination’s effect on me. I began eating these protein bars which state they are processed in the same facility as wheat products, thinking it would be okay. Today I sit here hurting with a severe headache, body aches, nausea, and fatigue. I also threw several rage fits this morning, can’t think straight, and generally don’t feel like myself. I will take this cc issue far more seriously from here on out, and give the protein bars away. I want to feel fantastic again!

  • I have not been diagnosed with anything because every time I decide to go to the doctor they say it’s nothing or just a stomach bug! So I decided to try the elimination test! I had been gf for about a month now & yesterday I got so hungry because I was stuck at home & wasn’t sure what to eat! So when my hubby got home I asked him to take me to Wendy’s & I ordered a #2! I was thinking that maybe it was all in my head because I’ve been healthy all my life so how could there be anything wrong with me?! Well I sure enjoyed eating that burger but immediately I got super sleepy & I do get extremely weak too! Then a couple of hours I get bad gas & stomach pain & have to run to the bathroom. This morning I very tired & achy (I thought that was due to my bad mattress but after reading all the comments I’m thinking differently!) I also still have stomach pain & need to go to the bathroom-but I’m so tired I don’t want to get up yet! I loved reading everyone’s comments & am wondering if there is a Facebook community or something where we can get more support/help? That be awesome!

  • I just got sick from baking some gluten cookies for my daughter. Has anyone experienced symptoms just from cooking food with gluten?

  • OMG!! I can’t believe after feeling terrible for years I’ve finally found a site where others are going through the same thing! My son has Crohns & I always knew something was wrong with me but didn’t know what. Until my Mother in law went gluten free & lost weight & started feeling better. She sent me to her Natureologist & after a year she’s getting me on the right track finally!! I wasn’t sure if going Gluten free was for me, but I have been doing so much better, until yesterday when I thought that maybe it wasn’t a gluten intolerance after all. Well, I was so wrong! I went out for a Homemade burger (with bun), then had a few other things without really knowing for sure & have felt terrible ever since! Bloating (like I’m pregnant), gas, diarrhea, palpitations, headache, weakness & fatigue, grumpiness, & just plain feeling yucky! I kept thinking she had it wrong & now realize she was right on! My Dr. Kept saying it was nothing but maybe stress. Now I’m 100% sure (especially after finding this site, Thank God!) That I’ve been messing around & hurting myself with cross contamination (even though I’ve been careful) . Having that burger etc has opened my eyes & I’m done messing around! Thank you all for all of your comments, help, information & just sharing your stories!! Thank God I’m not alone & someone out there understands! :) God bless you <3

  • @Sara – Twitter is a great place for connecting with the gluten-free community. You can also check out my Facebook page if you want to connect/chat more and get help from others in a similar position –

    @Christy – I haven’t cooked gluten containing foods for a long time but I have no doubt that we could get sick from this, particularly with baking since flour particles can stay in the air for a while and you could be breathing them in.

  • Hi Everyone, I have been reading all your comments and was wondering if anyone who has been glutened accidently has had little or no reaction. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and keep rigidly to GF diet although I find I consume more sweets and chocolate than ever before. I know I was glutened last week and simply felt ill for about 10 mins, and tried to decide if it was actually knowing I had been glutened that was making me feel anxious and unwell or simply the gluten itself. The symptoms passed quickly and I just wondered if anyone else has had the same experience.

  • I have been diagnosed as allergic to wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, and buckwheat through skin testing and have had an awful time for the past 8 months with bloating, pain in the upper left side of my stomach, and constipation. I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease but since my father has it and my brother has it and I am allergice to all the above I just assume I have it as well. I stopped eating gluten 2 months ago and have been on a strict gluten free diet. I also have a lot of other food allergies. Today I ate some hummus at work and it was shared with me by a coworker who was using crackers to dip in the hummus. I never even gave it a second thought because I used gluten free lentil chips but about 20 minutes after I ate I got severe stomach pains and felt a little like I was going to get sick. It did pass. Now I am bloated like a stuffed pig and can’t stop burping. I totally think it has to do with accidental glutening. I am aslo exhausted and feel very weak. It is awful. I did have a scope done a few days ago and I was diagnosed with gastritis. Iam not sure if the scope would find celiac since I have been on this gluten free diet for so long. I also have brain fog right now. This happened to me about two weeks ago and it took all two weeks to feel like my stomach was back to normal and then this happened again today. It will probably be another two weeks until I feel relief. I hope it is sooner. Good luck to everybody suffering from this I wish us all health in the future.

  • I get horrible acid reflux. My joints ache. I feel very lethargic. I also get brain fog. I try to diminish the problem by drinking a lot of water, taking a probiotic and digestive enzymes. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  • @Marian:
    I am much like you, where sometimes I can “get away with” sometimes eating gluten containing foods without much reaction. The problem is that it’s a nasty game of roulette every single time. Last week, I was not as careful as I normally am and appeared to be just fine. Yet, I tipped the scale out of my favor last night at a hockey game. I purchased some candied almonds (since all you need to make the candy coating is water, sugar, and cinnamon, right?) and have been sick for nearly 24 hours. Cramping, bloating, fatigue, lots of trips to the bathroom, and more. I could tell the gluten was starting to take its toll on me, which is why I went for the almonds… only to be sidelined the one time I decided to be careful. It’s natural to crave some of the old food, but my goodness, it hurts!!!!!

  • Larry Vandewalle

    Nov 29th, 2013

    I had read about this, but was hoping I’d never need to try it, but last night (after a delightful Thanksgiving dinner) I ate what I thought was my neighbor’s gluten-free tort. Ooops – wrong tort! I ate her (flour-based) chocolate tort instead of her nut-based chocolate tort. Bad Joo Joo!!!
    I immediately came home, and went to mix up 2 oz. of Tequila and 2 Oz. of honey. Out of Tequila. Nothing open Thanksgiving night. Called my brother. He had some. Drove over to his house, brought home a jar of tequila (after having to stop at a Denny’s for an emergency bathroom stop).

    Mixed up the concotion and drank it. This morning – minor cramps and some fatigue. NOTHING like my usual reaction. It did seem to help. Hopefully I’ll be back completely in a day or two.

  • I’ve been gluten free for almost 2 years now, with only occasional accidental slip ups. I went to a Thai restaurant 2 and a half weeks ago with some friends, and I ate some rice noodles that were obviously not just rice. I got a wicked headache 30 minutes later and then my digestive system got really angry 6 hours post-gluten. I was so bloated I looked pregnant and I could hardly move from the pain. I’ve been extra careful since then, but my stomach and intestines are still not quite back to normal yet.

  • For Christy, It is almost as though I wrote your post! My symptoms are identical to yours, and the weakness is beyond description as times. I’d been thinking it is all in my mind, but doing all this research because I have also been diagnosed with Limited Scleroderma, I find that I am not alone, or crazy, or a hypochondriac. If it helps you at all to know I suffer the same symptoms as you, then I am glad I came across this thread to share my symptoms with you.

  • I have similar reactions when I eat gluten accidentally. I’ve been gf for about 6 years now and after seeing so many GPs who all but roll their eyes as soon as you mention the word gluten I am reluctant to book an appointment. But I feel I should get tested properly. Can I ask- Is the test really important if I’m already eating gf? How can I possibly go back to eating gluten for 8 weeks for accurate testing when it makes me feel so bad? Working would be a nightmare.

  • I have just accidentley eaten gluten. All your comments have made me feel like I’m not the only one who after the tiniest bit of gluten feels like they have no control over their body! What’s worse is I know I won’t feel right for weeks erghh im glad people know the struggle

  • When I am glutened, I get headaches, ataxia, muscle twitches, short-term memory loss, brain fog, muscle pain and weakness and sometimes stomach problems.

  • Because I don’t want to ever eat gluten again, I don’t have a diagnosis. I have been gluten free for four healthier years. I don’t think there is a way to get a reliable test without eating gluten. It’s not worth it.

  • I was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 years ago. I get a reaction within 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much gluten I consume. I start feeling painful stomach cramps and then have diarrhea for several hours. I rarely vomit, unless I consume a large amount of gluten, but I always have strong feelings of nausea. The pain in extremely intense and usually results in me crying out in pain. a reaction I had recently was a small cross contamination which resulted in me having to use the bathroom for several hours about an hour after I ingested the contaminated food. This happened three weeks ago and I still get diarrhea every morning, some harder to digest foods(ei red meat, high protein) can trigger episodes for months after. My stomach is severely damaged by even small amounts. I can feel the fatigue and drowsiness immediately after an episode. It often leaves me incapacitated in my bed for several hours. My appetite is affected for weeks until my stomach repairs itself.

  • Hello, it’s now 3.49 am in the uk. I’m almost sure I have been contaminated by gluten tonight. I’m unsure how as I cook my own foods. I’m awake at this time as the symptoms keep me awake( chest pains, palpitations, shivering cold, stomach cramps, feeling sick, joint pain, skin irritation and bloated like the foods won’t digest. I’m not meaning to give my life story.I have been gluten free for just over a year and feel much better for it.i had my galbladder removed last year which has made me more sensitive to things.But nothing prepares you for each time it could almost feel like it’s your last day, as you get paranoid over the symptoms and when you start to feel better, you realise it happens most times.i have had tests for coeliac, which blood tests came back double negative. I’ve also had a biopsy which came back possible coeliac. I was very lucky and had a great gastrology doctor, who did genealogy blood tests which showed the high risk I was of cd. Then they confirmed me as coeliac. Reading all your posts has given much comfort, and got me through the worst of this episode. The doctors in general,I feel are very dismissive of coeliac disease, so please don’t give up, trying to prove your intuition is right about coeliacs. This is my first visit and won’t be my last. Thank you for a great find!!

  • Sorry one more thing, I know that Hershies milk chocolate kisses claim to be gluten free, but has anyone had a reaction from them, as that’s the only other thing other than home cooked food I have eaten and from that point I had the reaction??

  • I can tell within minutes and the first sign comes on like a wave of fever… i get really warm and then i feel drunk and my words and thoughts get slow and i am in brain fog that lasts for days. Then the stomach pain comes on that is so intense it feels like getting punched in the gut and it lasts for days. The horrible trips to the bathroom, the rash i develop, the muscle pain and stiffness, the iron deficiency, the need to sleep and be unable, the depression…. the horrors of being glutoned !

  • I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago with Celiac Disease and have been gluten free ever since. There are times when I have gotten sick from eating out more likely from cross contamination. I usually get bloated, a bit nauseous and generally feel bad. In that last 2 years, I have been very careful to not eat anything that has gluten, barley, etc. Today I made a horrible mistake, thinking the crackers I bought from a company that makes gluten free products where actually gluten free. Well, I made the assumption and was really looking forward to eating them. After eating about 6 or 7 of them, I wondered why they tasted so different. Then realized they were NOT gluten free! I tried to do things that people have said helped them when this happens, digestive enzymes, broth, magnesium, etc. About 1 1/2 hours after eating the gluten filled crackers, I wanted to die! Bloating, chills, and nausea. About an hour of this misery went on before I actually vomited. This is a big deal for me because that is one thing that rarely happens to me. I have to say, I felt so much better, even though the process to get there was very unpleasant. This is a lesson and a reminder for me to never be in a hurry to buy or ingest anything before checking the product 2 or 3 or 4 or more times!

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