Celiac Associations

Planning your next gluten free travelling adventure? Getting in touch with the local Celiac Association may be a good start. If anyone knows anything about how they ‘do gluten free’ wherever you’re going then it’s likely to be the country’s local Celiac Association. Most of them have information on what kind of gluten free labelling legislation the country has, a list of safe products and advice on how to shop and eat out in that country. Some associations do of course provide better and more in depth information than others but all of them will provide at least some idea of what’s it’s going to be like travelling to that country as a coeliac. A few of them have certainly helped me out on various trips. I hope they are of use to you too. I’ve added a little ‘don’t miss’ for the countries I’ve visited personally 😀


Andorra Celiac Association of Andorra

Don’t miss hiking in the Pyrenees mountains which surround the city!

Austria Coeliac Association of Austria

Don’t miss St Charles church in Vienna. It’s spectacular!

Belgium Celiac Association of Belgium

Don’t miss the Belgian chocolate. It’s as good as they say!

Croatia Croatian Society for Coeliac Disease

Don’t miss the delightful Croatian coast with it’s beautiful beaches and friendly people!

Czech Republic Czech Coeliac Association

Don’t miss a shot of Absinthe in the gorgeous cobblestoned city of Prague!

Denmark Danish Coeliac Association

Don’t miss drinking in one of the cheesy gay bars that plays every single Eurovision winning song!

Estonia Estonian Coeliac Society

Don’t miss the point in Tallinn’s main square where you can see the spires of five cathedrals! It’s amazing!

Finland Finnish Coeliac Society

Don’t miss the reindeers in Northern Finland!

France French Association of Gluten Intolerance

Don’t miss out on the south of the country. Nice and Cannes are perfect!

Germany German Celiac Society

Don’t miss the gay and lesbian love parade in Berlin or New Year’s Eve in Munich!

Greece Coeliac Greece

Don’t miss the olympic stadium in Athens and gluten free baklava (if it exists!)

Hungary Hungarian Celiac Society

Don’t miss the parliament building in Budapest. It’s one of my favourites!

Ireland Coeliac Association of Ireland

Don’t miss the funky wee markets in the Temple Bar area of the city!

Italy Celiac Association of Italy

Don’t miss the beautiful city of Verona and Juliet’s lucky breasts!

Luxembourg Luxembourg Association for Gluten Intolerance

Don’t miss Luxembourg City’s pretty and relaxing parks.

Malta Coeliac Malta

Don’t miss the wide variety of gluten free food in the town of Sliema.

The Netherlands Coeliac Association of The Netherlands

Don’t miss a bicycle ride through Vondelpark or beside a canal!

Norway Norwegian Celiac Disease Federation

Don’t miss the spectacular snowy mountains above the arctic circle. The scenery is fairytale beautiful!

Poland Polish Coeliac Society

Don’t miss the atmosphere of the main market square in Krakow!

Portugal Celiac Association of Portugal

Romania Association of Celiacs, Romania

Russia (St Petersburg) Celiac Society of Petersburg

Slovakia Slovakia Celiac Society

Slovenia Slovene Celiac Society

Don’t miss anything is this perfect wee country!

Spain Celiac Association of Spain

Don’t miss the fantastic architecture & atmosphere of Madrid..or the sangria!

Sweden Swedish Coeliac Society

Don’t miss the Oresund bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen!

United Kingdom Coeliac UK

Don’t miss bonnie Scotland, especially Glasgow and the gorgeous Highlands!

North America

Canada Canadian Celiac Association

Don’t miss the view from the top of the CN Tower in Toronto or Stanley Park in Vancouver!

USA Celiac Disease Foundation

Don’t miss the beautiful Midwest and it’s friendly, welcoming people!

South America

Brazil Brazilian Celiac Foundation

Argentina Celiac Association of Argentina

Don’t miss the vibe and culture of Buenos Aires or the vast beauty of Patagonia!

Uruguay Celiac Association of Uruguay

Don’t miss the quiet town of Colonia de Sacramento!


Israel Celiac Society of Israel

Pakistan Pakistani Coeliac Society


New Zealand Coeliac New Zealand

Australia Coeliac Association of Australia

Please add any that I’ve missed out or let me know of another/better organisation that exists in your country!

I’ll be adding more and more and more until I’ve got the associations for every country in the world 😀