Gluten Free Rallying

Our next trip is a 4000 mile drive from Glasgow to Estonia (via the northernmost tip of Norway) on the Northern Lights Rally! The aim was to buy a cheap banger (ours is a 1980s Ford Escort names Maxi) and to drive it 4000 miles before giving it to an Estonian charity. We are driving from Glasgow to Newcastle then taking the Ferry across to Amsterdam where the rally begins. From there it’s through Germany to Denmark, across the Oresund bridge to Sweden, into and right to the top of Norway before heading into Finland and finally over in a short ferry ride from Helsinki to Tallinn….all in 10 days!

You can check out the details or become a team sponsor on the Tartan Eagles website:

If anyone has information on gluten free eating in Scandanavia or in any of the places we will be stopping in then please get in touch with me and share your knowledge…this would be greatly appreciated…we will be spending nights in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo,  Trondheim, Fauske, Tromso, Nordkapp, Rovaniemi, Helsinki and Tallinn so will be looking for delicious gluten free treats in all of these locations.

From this 10 day trip in April I hope to bring lots of good information on gluten free eating in Scandanavia! I also hope that our banger can make it 4000 miles!

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