I was born with itchy feet and so I’ve done fair amount of travelling and living abroad. Here is a list of the countries I’ve visited during my 30 years on this planet.


Andorra          Austria          Belgium          Bosnia & Herzegovina          Croatia

Czech Republic          Denmark          Estonia          Finland          France

Germany          Greece          Hungary          Iceland          Ireland

Italy          Latvia          Liechenstein          Lithuania          Luxembourg

Malta          Monaco          The Netherlands          Norway          Poland

San Marino          Slovenia          Spain          Sweden          Switzerland

United Kingdom – Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland

Vatican City

North America

USA (40 States)          Canada          Mexico          Guatemala          Honduras          Dominican Republic

South America

Argentina          Chile          Uruguay


South Korea          North Korea          Japan          Hong Kong          Singapore          Malaysia



If you are gluten free diet and considering a trip to any of these places then hopefully you will find something useful here! If you have any questions, email me and I’ll try to help as best I can. Whilst some of these countries were trips I made prior to my celiac diagnosis in 2009, if you are headed anywhere I’ve been and have questions I’ll do my best to help make your trip gluten and stress free. Gluten free travelling can certainly be a challenge but it can be done and it can be embraced!

Happy gluten free travels! Laura