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So as you’ve probably noticed from some of my other Canadian posts I’m a pretty big fan of Canada. To me Canada feels like a nice mix, culture and people wise, between the US and the UK which is kind of perfect for my American husband and British me. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Canada over the years so I’m happy to be writing a post on gluten free finds in Ottawa today. My friend and fellow gluten free travelling celiac, Sile Farrell, spent some time in Ottawa on her recent gluten free Canadian adventure and it was great to speak to her about her trip. So where can a celiac eat safely in the lovely Canadian capital? Here are a few gluten free possiblities..

The Table, a buffet style Vegetarian restaurant on 1230 Wellington St, does a variety of gluten free options which are clearly labelled. Main buffet dishes are on a six week rotation and Friday is always gluten free lasagna day! How fantastic is that! They offer soup with gluten free bread, various salads and a whole bunch of mains. Dessert options include puddings, pies and cheesecake, all of which are gluten free! This place sounds pretty amazing. It’s at the top of my list for when I find myself in Ottawa.

Zen Kitchen on Somerset Street does a variety of gluten free brunch, lunch and dinner options. Menus indicate which dishes are naturally free and others which can be prepared gluten free on request. A high percentage of everything on offer fits into one of these two categories!  They do a peanut butter pie which can be made gluten free. I’m sold!

The Daily Grind, also on Sommerset St has a relaxed, cosmopolitan feel with big kitchen style tables to sit at. They offer a variety of gluten free cakes and desserts.

The Green Door on Main Street in Ottawa is another organic, vegetarian restaurant with lots of naturally gluten free choices. Dishes on offer depend upon what’s in season so double check with staff what is gluten free.

Zolas in Nepean, Ottawa offers gluten free pizza and gluten free pasta.

Check out the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Celiac Foundation for more celiac friendly information if you’re headed to Ottawa.

Do you live gluten free in Ottawa or have you travelled here? What gluten free goodies did you come across? Share your experiences in the comments below..

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  • Yay Ottawa! Thanks for this!

    Off the top of my head, other restaurants that have menus that indicate gluten-free options are the Highlander Pub on Rideau St., Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin St., and Milestones on Rideau St. Thimble Cakes on Bank St. has gluten-free cupcakes!

  • Thanks, Joanna!! 😀

  • The Table restaurant in Ottawa does serve very good food. However, it is NOT gluten free as they advertise. They, in fact, bake their deserts on site with regular flour.
    When I tried to talk to the manager about this, his comment was, “Yeah, so there will be some cross-contamination.” And he walked away from me cutting off any further attempts to discuss how that was not okay.
    I wrote the restaurant 2 weeks ago trying to get them to understand that they can’t advertise their food as gluten free if there is regular flour on site but I have yet to receive a response.
    I have a daughter with celiac disease. I would NOT recommend this restaurant as a gluten free one.