Intersail – Amsterdam

This hostel offers free breakfast for all customers. I received a response to my email from this hostel within 5 minutes…very impressive!

Dear Laura,

To be honest i’m not entirely sure if we have anything gluten free.
Our breakfast exsists out of :
-brown and white bread
-hot buns
-boiled egg
-peanutbutter, chocolate spread, chocolate sprinkels, jam, ham, cheese, salami.
-cornflakes, muesli
-milk, chocolate milk and jus d’orange and soy milk(on request)
-tea and coffee

You probably know better then me what has gluten and what not.
I could ask the owner if we could buy something special.

Kind regards,
Tommy Sevens

I responded by thanking him for his fantastically quick response, saying that eggs, milk, orange juice, tea/coffee and possibly some spreads are gf and that if the owner would be willing to get either gf bread or cereal it would be greatly appreciated!

The following day I received this… 🙁

i forgot to mention there is also yoghurt on the list.
Unfortunatly, the owner said we won’t supply gluten free bread or cereals.
We have normal cereals and muelsi probably not gluten free.
If you want gluten free bread or cereals you will have to suply it yourself, we can store it in the fridge for you if needed.
I’m sorry about this, but there is nothing more i can do about this for you.

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  • Ha! Funny, because I had the exact same answer yesterday from another B&B in Amsterdam. It must be the Dutch hospitality which unfortunately doesn’t surprise me. Even though, I’ll take some bread with me, I’m googling places where I can buy GF bread, do you know of any? So far I’ve found BioMarkt.

  • Really? That’s crazy! What a response, eh?

    Here’s what I found when I visited Amsterdam:

    Albert Heijn is probably the best supermarket I found and you can get GF bread there.
    This is a good site is you’re looking for gf restaurants:

    Where are you from? Let us know if you find any more yummy gluten free delights on your trip!

  • Thanks for the additional info, Laura! It’s very appreciated. I’m from Madrid, Spain, but I live in Cambridge, UK since 2006. I’ll blog about my trip on my way back and I’ll let you know. Celiacs united. I love it! 🙂