Even More Gluten Free In NYC

Tulu’s amazing cupcakes!

On my latest trip to New York City I stayed in a cute little apartment in the Lower East Side. I found so many gluten free restaurants on my last trip to the city that I wasn’t sure there were more left to discover but I’m happy to report that I found some exciting new places on this trip too! New York city is an amazing place to be when you are gluten free because there are so many options to choose from!

Hu Kitchen at 78 5th Avenue is a wonderful place for gluten free travellers! Everything is gluten free and almost everything is grain free, they do breakfast, lunch and dinner options and you can sit in and enjoy your food or take it away. They do lots of tasty soups served with amazing grain free bread, a mash bar for creating breakfast or desserts with fruit, nuts and granola and a fantastic variety of prepared foods. Everything Hu Kitchen does is interesting, full of flavour and amazingly delicious. I would have to stop myself from eating here every single day if I lived in New York City. I’m a big fan! Some of the dishes I tried (I went there 3 times during my week in the city!) were Organic Chicken Cashew Salad, Stuffed Acorn Squash, Curried Sweet Potato and Roasted Butternut. Gluten free heaven!!

The fantastic Hu Kitchen!

Lots of great gluten free options

Gingersnap’s Organic on 130 E 7th Street is another new place I tried. Everything they serve is raw and gluten free. I tried their raw burger, made with a cauliflower almond patty. chipotle catsup, pickles, lettuce, tomato and a sesame bun. Tasty and certainly something different but not as flavoursome or addictive as what Hu Kitchen has to offer. If you love raw food, this could be a great place for you.

Tulu’s Bakery is a fantastic 100% gluten free bakery at 338 E 11th. They offer a whole bunch of gluten free cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, bread, panini and muffins. Their cupcakes are some of the best I have ever had, so much so that I couldn’t resist eating four of them over the two days I visited the bakery. Their seasonal pumpkin cupcake with cinnammon icing was something to shout about. Wow!

A return to the wonderful Risotteria was also on the cards. Who could resist their tasty gluten free breadsticks! On this visit I tried one of their gluten free paninis and as is always the case with Risotteria’s fantastic food I would never have known it was gluten free.

Tulu’s 100% gluten free bakery!

Risotteria panini

The other restaurant we returned to was Pala Pizza on Allen Street in the Lower East Side. This time we had the pleasure of Dining with the lovely Siân of Gluten Free Mrs D and her husband. It was great to finally meet Siân. We share a hatred for gluten, a passion for travel, a birthday and now Kevin Bacon, as he showed up at the restaurant while we were eating. Great night!

Pala Pizza with Kevin Bacon 🙂

Some other gluten free places I found on this trip..

Naked Pizza on 954 3rd Ave is a pizza chain offering gluten free options and they have lots of great safety precautions in place to keep gluten free folks contamination free.

Nanoosh on 2012 Broadway is a hummus bar. Many of their dishes are gluten free or can be prepared gluten free.

Dorado on 28 E 12th St is a Mexican cafe offering gluten free options.

Read about other great gluten free finds in New York City. Williamsburg, Brooklyn has lots of great gluten free options too! No celiac will ever go hungry in New York!


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  • I go to New York frequently and I really like Le Pain Quotidien. They have restaurants around Manhattan so you can usually find one nearby.

  • Unfortunately, Naked Pizza has closed 🙁