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I’ve been calling beautiful San Francisco home for 18 months now. I feel very lucky to live here – it’s such an amazing city! I’ve written reviews of many of the restaurants at which I’ve eaten throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area but I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up post of all the places I’ve found so far which offer celiac friendly options in San Francisco. This way it will be an all-in-one reference for those of you looking for gluten free options in this fantastic city! It’ll also be easy to add to the list as I find more! Sometimes I feel like San Francisco isn’t as celiac friendly as I hoped it might be when I first moved here but as I’m putting this post together I realise there are pretty decent number of restaurants with gluten free options. Come to San Francisco!

Whether you’re a newly diagnosed celiac in San Francisco or a gluten free traveller headed this way, these are some places worth checking out which offer gluten free goodies.

Golden Gate Bridge

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen in the Mission is by far my favourite place to eat in San Francisco. Everything on the menu is 100% gluten free and wheat free and all of their breads are dairy free. The food is Venezuelan and it’s beyond fantastic. I really love Pica Pica! Have a read at my review of Pica Pica here.

Hot Spud at Fisherman’s Wharf is a great, relaxed place where you can get a huge spud with lots of delicious fillings! Everything on their menu is gluten free, including their desserts. I’m a big fan of this place too and their sweet potato brownie and cheesecake are insanely good. Have a read at my review of Hot Spud here.

{{NOW CLOSED 🙁 }} Zadin in the Castro is a great Vietnamese place with a bunch of gluten free options. Gluten free dishes are clearly marked on the menu. Their spicy pho is amazing. Have a read at my review of Zadin here.

Dosa with 2 locations on Valencia and Fillmore is a brilliant South Indian restaurant with a whole bunch of gluten free options. Depending on what you choose this place can be pretty expensive but their dosas and uttapams are fantastic and fairly priced. They have some really yummy gluten free desserts too.

Asian Box is 100% gluten-free and 100% awesome. My daughter and I eat here every Friday for mama/daughter lunch. You can find them in the basement level of Macy’s at Union Square. So many great flavours and all gluten-free. I love this place and I’m so glad they opened a location here in SF!

Seed and Salt just opened at the end of 2014, giving SF our fifth entirely gluten-free eatery. You can find these guys in the Marina area. Everything is fresh and yummy. It’s a vegetarian place and their Quinoa Falafel is my favourite. There are a few tables for eating it but this place seems to be pretty popular amongst the yogis of the Marina so plan to take-out and eat at Marina Green or The Presidio. 🙂

Ike’s Place in the Mission is a fantastic and super popular sandwich joint offering gluten free sandwiches. Despite everything being made in the same kitchen they take extremely good care of gluten free customers to ensure their food is safe and cross contamination free. Have a read at my review of Ike’s here.

Mariposa Bakery in the Ferry Terminal building is a completely gluten free bakery which does a variety of gluten free breads, cookies, cakes, muffins and various other goodies. They have recently started offering lunch options including mini pizzas, empanadas and sandwiches. Their muffins and baguettes are particularly good.

Ferry Terminal Building

Pacific Catch is a great place to get tasty gluten free fish dishes! They have a couple of locations in San Francisco but I only trust the 9th and Lincoln location next to Golden Gate Park in terms of preventing cross contamination. Have a read at my review of Pacific Catch here.

Cafe Gratitude in the Mission is an organic, vegan and mostly raw restaurant which offers lots of gluten free options. Have a read at my review of Cafe Gratitude here. THIS LOCATIO IS NOW CLOSED BUT YOU CAN STILL EAT AT THE BERKELEY LOCATION.

Plant Cafe Organic with a few locations around San Francisco offers a variety of gluten free options. Have a read at my review of Plant Cafe here.

Eagle Pizzeria is a small, independent pizza restaurant on Taraval Street offering gluten free pizza. The owner is lovely and their pizza is really tasty. Have a read at my review of Eagle Pizzeria here.

Amici’s Pizzeria has a couple of locations in San Francisco but only the Lombard Street location does gluten free pizza. They have pretty good procedures in place to prevent cross contamination which they mention on their menu. Their pizza is expensive but yummy. Have a read at my review of Amici’s here.

Straw is a fun, Carnival-themed restaurant in the Hayes Valley neighbourhood of the city. I was really excited to try this place when I found out about and I’m glad I did. Their food is really tasty and lots of it is gluten free. I had their coconut tomato curry with butternut squash and chick peas.

Red Door Cafe on Bush and Franklin is a small, unique cafe which offers gluten free options. I’ve heard great things but haven’t had the chance to eat here yet. Their opening hours are not very long (only breakfast and lunch, 4 days a week) so arrive early if you want to eat here.

Gracias Madre in the Mission boasts organic, Mexican cuisine. Everything they serve is organic and vegan and much of it is also gluten free.

Pizza chain Z Pizza offers gluten free pizza options. I’ve not had the chance to eat here yet.

What are your favourite gluten free restaurants in San Francisco?



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  • Stephanie

    Dec 16th, 2012

    Check out fresh, gourmet pre-packaged gluten-free sandwiches from Sista Sandwich. They’re in a few places East Bay now including both Berkeley Bowl locations. Yum!

  • Not a restaurant, but here’s a gluten-free grocery store in San Francisco:

    GF Grocery
    234 Townsend Street

  • The Pizza Place on Noriega by Ocean Beach is a great option for gluten free pizza. They even have a sticker on the window advertising they participate in raising awareness of gluten-free dining options. I had leftovers today and was in heaven.

  • Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Crocker Galleria offers their subs and clubs as an “unwich” with the same ingredients but without the bread. Their prices for a large, fresh lettuce wrap beat anything else in the FiDi, which is known for overpriced $8-10 sandwiches with little to offer between the bread slices.

  • SOURCE! def my favorite spot for vegan & gluten free dishes!

  • Heather

    Jun 11th, 2014

    Thanks for this! I will be travelling to San Francisco this summer with my son, who is celiac. We’ll go to Pica Pica for sure!! We will be in Oakland part of the time as well — any recommendations there? I used to go to Pizza Pazza (on Piedmont) before he was diagnosed, he loved that pizza… and it would be wonderful to be able to go there again, and I think we can because they offer glutten free pizza! However, I fear CROSS-CONTAMINATION. Do you know if Pizza Pazza is careful in that sense? Thanks!

  • Hi Heather!

    Yay! You will love Pica Pica. I’ve heard very good things about Grease Box in Oakland. Unfortunately I’m not too sure about Pizza Pazza but it’s rare to find pizza places where cross contamination is not an issue so I’d love to hear if they do take it seriously.

  • Mariposa Bakery is also based in Oakland so definitely check that out. 100% gluten-free bakery and absolutely amazing! I eat at their store in SF every week and I can’t get enough.

  • Outside of San Francisco proper, I love Zest Bakery in San Carlos; they are 100% gluten free. Palo Alto has some restaurants with good gluten free options: Lyfe Kitchen, Calafia, Mayfield Cafe. Top This Pizza Co in Los Gatos was great.

    I’m fed up with places with “gluten free” options that make me just a little sick.

  • Zadin link takes you to a NSFW site. Looks like they are now closed. Thought you might want to know.

  • Hello! My name is Michelle and I am the owner of the Gluten Free Wife Bakery in Pacifica, CA. If you ever want a tasty gluten free treat, cupcakes, wedding cake- you name it, then come visit my website or call me and I would love to open your eyes to the best tasting gluten free treats ever! 😀

  • Jennifer

    Nov 5th, 2017

    Hi- we are coming to Palo Alto/San Fran for Thanksgiving to visit my parents. They aren’t GF so need to find a Thanksgiving dinner spot that has GF options for my Celiac sons. Any recommendations? Thanks!