Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Gluten Free Thanksgiving dinner

Today is Thanksgiving (The American one) and I decided to surprise my boyfriend with a tasty Thanksgiving meal on his country’s special day…all gluten free off course! I bought some turkey breast fillets, which I cooked in the oven with mixed herbs,  baby potatoes, gluten free stuffing and cranberry sauce.

I was yet to try gluten free stuffing so I bought Kelkin’s gluten free stuffing mix to try. I thought stuffing was basically breadcrumbs and some mixture of herbs and spices so I was pretty surprised when I opened the box of stuffing to find rice flakes! I eat Kelkin’s gluten free porridge for breakfast most mornings and I love it (especially with fruit and cinnamon) but I didn’t imagine that the stuffing I would be eating for Thanksgiving would be almost the same thing, expect with a variety of herbs and spices.

Cooking the stuffing involved putting 100 grams of it into a oven friendly dish, covering it with 660 mls of boiling water and leaving it to soak for 15 minutes. I then put it in the oven for 20 minutes. It looked like the porridge I have for breakfast and the consistency was just like the porridge I have for breakfast but it tasted pretty good…especially with spoonfuls of turkey and cranberry sauce!

My first gluten free Thanksgiving dinner was a success and my American loved it 🙂

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