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Gluten Free Kimbap (Korean Sushi)

I fell in love with kimbap when I lived in Seoul where I ate it every day for lunch. Since being gluten free it’s been impossible to find freshly made kimbap which is safe for me to eat. A couple of the traditional Korean ingredients are gluten-containing (imitation crab and processed ham) so I’ve altered
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My Second Trimester, Gluten Free

I got my appetite back. Yay! During all the yucky sickness during my first trimester, people kept telling me the 2nd trimester would be much better and they were right. Pre-natal yoga and walking up and down the many hills of San Francisco are keeping me free from aches and pains so far.

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Gluten Free South Korea

As my South Korean adventures were prior to being diagnosed as celiac I didn’t plan to write a post on travelling gluten free there. That is until I received a few emails from fellow gluten free travellers who were headed there and looking for tips. They told me that my advice on staying safely gluten
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