Four Years Gluten Free!

Four years ago my life changed. Four years ago a doctor told me I had to stop eating gluten. Four years ago was a hard day but here I am four years later and gluten free life is great!

In these past four years, I’ve felt healthier than ever before! Before my diagnosis I was sick, moody and constantly exhausted as I wasn’t getting any nutrients from the food I was eating. For me, eating gluten free has given me my energy back.

After the Buenos Aires Marathon

Hiking on Angel Island

In these past four years, I’ve discovered so many new and exciting gluten-free foods! As there are so many things I can’t have anymore, this has encouraged me to seek new and interesting alternatives. Together, John and I have discovered a bunch of new favourite, naturally gluten-free dishes.

Excited about the spaghetti squash!

So delicious!

In these past four years, we pulled off a 100% gluten free wedding! At first I thought it was going to be impossible, but with the help of fantastic friends and family and lots of research we got our wish of a beautiful, 100% gluten-free wedding.

Checking John is a true Scotsman 🙂

Amazing gluten-free cake!

In these past four years, I’ve eaten gluten-free food all across the world! Four years ago I wondered if our travels could ever be the same again but I’m delighted to say that my celiac disease hasn’t stopped us from going anywhere.

Wine tasting in Mendoza, Argentina

In these past four years, I’ve met so many amazing fellow gluten free-ers! Through social media, gluten-free expos and my gluten-free travels, I have met so many wonderful and amazing celiacs whom I never would have met if not for our shared hatred for the gluten monster. Yay for gluten free friends!

Dinner in Singapore with new friends

Mmmm, pizza!

For me at least, life is a whole lot better without gluten.

How long have you been living gluten free? How is your life better?

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  • Congratulations! While celiac disease may not be something to celebrate, successfully living a normal life while being gluten free certainly is. It is amazing how easy it can be to live without gluten once you get the hang of it. It takes some work and preparation but it is totally worth it to feel better.

  • Wow! Congratulations! This is really inspiring. 🙂

    By the way, how long-ish did it take you to get your energy back? Was it fast or slow?

  • Thanks, Molly!

    I was lucky and got my energy back pretty quickly. It’s hard to remember exactly how long but I started feeling better within just a couple of weeks and I was feeling myself again within a couple of months. At the beginning I was making mistakes and being contaminated as I didn’t have the knowledge and experience I do now. At these times I lost my energy again but it came back quickly when I ate safely. 🙂

    How about you?