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Last weekend I went to my first music festival. I’ve been to a whole lots of gigs over the years but never before had I been to a festival. Getting to check out a bunch of different bands in one day was exciting. It was very laid back, lots of hippies bobbing up and down to the music, cup of beer or wine in hand, under cloudless skies. Perfect.

The music was to begin at 12pm and wrap up ten hours later around 10pm. (Too close to neighbourhoods hence the early finishing time I guess!) The organisers didn’t want people wandering in and out of the grounds all day so once you were in you were in for the day. I would need to pack enough gluten free food to get me through.

Local restaurants, cafes and coffee shops were the vendors for the weekend’s festivities and luckily for me I saw that the wonderful Pica Picawas to be one of them. Since Pica Pica is 100% gluten free there is no risk on cross contamination and I was able to walk up and order my fried plantains (and alfajores for dessert) without any concerns. For once I was able to join the masses waiting in long queues to order not exactly nutritious but completely delicious food. Yippee. Oh Pica Pica how you have saved me on so many hungry occasions…

Pica Pica

Fried plantains..Yum-my!

There were a few other vendors offering gluten free options such as tacos, meat skewers and rice dishes but none of these vendors were serving 100% gluten free food and therefore they weren’t safe enough in my eyes. Getting sick at a festival where there are long lines for portaloos would be pretty much horrific. I was glad to have brought my tupperware of rice with grilled shrimp and veggies. Yum! I also had a couple of my favourite gluten free bars with me as always.

Drinks wise there was Wine Lands. This was a large tent filled with different vineyards offering wine tasting. There was also the drinks tent who were selling glasses of wine, as well as beer and sodas, so I was happy with my two glasses of sauvignon blanc. Snack wise the only vendors suitable for celiacs was the farmers market stall who were selling fresh fruit and possibly one or two frozen yoghurt vendors. I had an amazing time at my first music festival. Lots of great music, good vibes and the perfect sunny day. Next time I’ll find a two or three day festival which involves camping. For this I will need to bring lots of gluten free treats!

Have you been to a music festival? Were there gluten free goodies to buy? What did you take with you for munching? I’d love to hear your stories…

Farmers Market


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