Gluten Free Prescription

Today I picked up my first gluten free package courtesy of the NHS. 3 loaves of bread, 1 box of crackers, 2 boxes of crisp bread, 2 pizza bases, one packet of shortbread and 2 boxes of pasta.

When I was first diagnosed my doctor had mentioned that I would be able to get free gluten foods on prescription and had given me a couple of leaflets to send away for free samples packs. There seem to be a few different companies out there which do foods available on prescription but the main two are Glutafin and Juvela. I sent away for sample packs of both companies and was quite surprised at what I received. Glutafin sent a large box filled with bread, rolls, biscuits, crackers, pasta, pizza bases and cake and bread mixes as well as adverts, recipes, information and a notepad and pen. I expected the same from Juvela but from them I got a much smaller box but still containing bread, pasta, crackers, biscuits and bread mix. To be honest I couldn’t really tell the difference in taste between both of these company’s products so when I finally got around to ordering the choice came down to which prescription order form I could find first. After lots of searching through all of my gluten free leaflets and adverts, I found the Glutafin one.

The gluten free prescription is a list of products including a variety of breads, rolls, biscuits, crisp breads, crackers, pizza bases, pastas and bread mixes. Each product has a a value attached to it and customers can choose a number of these products up to a certain value. (17 for an average person I think) Most of the products have a value of 1 except pasta which is 2 so you can get quite a lot in one prescription. It is a wee bit confusing when ticking what you want though because the form doesn’t actually list what every product is worth but rather just gives examples of what you could order with the values of these products so I was left partially guessing what my allowance would cover. The prescription I picked up from my GP had most but not all of the things I had ticked on the form so I’m guessing I ticked too many things…oh well, it all looks pretty good and they gave me everything I most wanted anyway.

How to get your prescription: Complete a gluten free prescription form by ticking the products you require (Companies will send one with your free sample pack), hand your prescription in to your GP surgery to be signed by your doctor, pick up your signed prescription and hand in into your local pharmacy, pick up your free gluten free foods once ready. (mine was ready for pick-up the following day)

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  • Margo Parfitt

    Mar 14th, 2010

    Hi I was diagnosed 16 years ago following years of being treated for IBS as is often the case. I didn’t like to taste of the Glutafin or other manufacturers much as far too chemically and most things appeared to be stuffed with fairly unhealthy ingredients like sugar and fat. I have used Lifestyle bread products for many years. As far as I know they are the only baker that sells ‘fresh’ bread items. I always have their Hi Fibre rolls which could do serious damage if used as a throwing weapon but are really good when revived in the microwave.
    Mind you they don’t hold together for a sandwich and it was only when I tried a relatively new product when out called ‘Genius’ that I rediscovered the joy of a salad sarnie! but this bread is as far as I know not on prescription and at £2.49 or £2.99-can’t remember which is something I only have as a treat. The pasta nowadays is so much better than 16 years ago, I am not a huge pasta fan so there’s no hardship not having it but it makes life more varied and easier when making food for friends or family. I am interested in finding if there is a list of ALL the food stuffs available now on prescription. I recently had to see my GP for a check of my repeat prescription and she asked if I wanted anymore or different GF foods as I only ever have bread -about 2 packets of rolls a week and pasta very occcasionally. I couldn’t think of any as I believe in general it’s healthier and easier to eat fresh goods and not don’t buy any pre cooked ready meals. Now I’m trying to find out if this Genius bread is available on Prescription.

  • Most of the breads on prescription aren’t too great…there is no doubt when eating them that there is something just not quite right. I also recently found Genius myself and would agree that it can make a great sandwich! It’s about £1.99 I think for a fairly small loaf and you can get it in either white or brown. It doesn’t fall apart like most other gf breads do, it doesn’t feel chemical and it looks and tastes like ‘real’ bread! I don’t think it’s available on prescription though. I totally agree with you that it’s healthier and easier to eat fresh…that’s what I do 🙂

  • michelle

    Apr 22nd, 2010

    You should check out the new lifestyle healthcare range. i just had my new spring brochure and the variety is excellent. They have lots of cakes and fresh pastries.

  • good news though – genius bread is now on prescription – i get it all the time

  • Thanks for the interesting blog. Amazed you got your food so quickly – ours takes a fortnight, the process is so convoluted that it always goes wrong at a different stage each time. To be honest, I’d prefer a cash allowance instead of prescriptions, suspect this would also bring prices down…..
    We like Orgran as a brand (it’s good for people with more than 1 food allergy – and also available on prescription).

  • This month I got my first loaves of Genius bread on prescription. You can get either 6 loaves of brown, white or a combination of both. For now it seems they only do unsliced on prescription but this bread is the simplest bread to cut ever! Seriously, it’s strange how well it cuts..even if you want really thin slices 🙂

    @Becky. I’ve never tried Orgran. I’ll have to check it out! This time it took me a week to get my bread. Apparently Genius only deliver one day a week.