What If Santa Claus Were Gluten Free?

With Santa in Riga, Latvia

Christmas is just days away. Kids around the world hope they are on Santa’s nice list, trust he received their letters and dream of the toys he may be bringing them. On Christmas eve kids will be leaving treats out for Santa, his helpers and his beloved reindeers. They need plenty of calories and warm food to keep them going on their long night of present delivering!

I grew up in the UK. I left mince pies and Whisky for Santa; The whisky was my dad’s clever idea. In the US and Canada it’s common to leave milk and cookies for Mr. Claus whilst in other countries around the world they leave cakes, candies, chocolates and various drinks. What did you leave for Santa when you were a kid?

On the night before Christmas, most if not all of these delicious treats meant Santa Claus are filled with gluten. Most of you who read this blog couldn’t eat these things so what if Santa couldn’t either? If Santa Claus were on a strict gluten free diet, what gluten free goodies would you leave out for him on Christmas Eve to ensure he leaves you the perfect gift?

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  • I used to leave a mince pie and wine for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. That was until the year I heard a bell ring and crept down the stairs to find my nan had a bite out of the mince pie, my mum had drank all the wine and my grandfather was putting bite marks in the carrot!

    This is still a tender memory for me, however, I wouldn’t change what I’d leave. I’d just get gluten free mince pies, the ones from Tesco are amazing and I can’t really tell the difference.

    I would just make sure my family weren’t around to steal Santa’s treats!!!

  • Being from New Zealand and having Christmas in summer, we leave strawberries out for Santa 🙂

  • haha, Tanya! I hope your family don’t steal Santa’s gluten free mince pies next week 🙂

    Clare, good to hear that Santa gets to start off his Christmas Eve feast with something healthly and naturally gluten free 🙂

  • In our house Santa IS gluten free. Every year we make a batch of gluten free cookies for him. This year we these made spice cookies (http://yummyallergenfree.blogspot.com/2008/12/spice-cookies.html). We left him spice cookies and soy milk and he ate and drank it all! 🙂