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Last weekend I had amazing gluten free pizza in San Francisco and it was completely by chance. This doesn’t happen often so I was pretty excited. John and I were exploring the area around Lake Merced and on heading back towards town we came across Eagle Pizzeria on Taraval Street (between 27th & 28th Ave). Pizza places,  more often than not, are the enemy but I spotted a sign in their window saying ‘We are proud to offer gluten free pizza.’ Yay! I thought and went in to inquire further.

Amazing gluten free pizza

Eagle Pizzeria are in partnership with Still Riding Pizza, a company which provides gluten free pizza to partner restaurants which is safe for celiacs. Their pizza is made in a dedicated gluten free facility and what’s even better is that Still Riding provide restaurants who carry their pizza bases with training on how to prepare the pizza and ensure they keep it safe for celiacs.

I spoke with the restaurant’s owners who are a lovely and very helpful couple. Ken was out in the front whilst Amy was in the kitchen making pizzas. Ken explained the process of how they prepare and cook gluten free pizza and I felt happy and safe hearing how careful they are. Almost all of their toppings are gluten free so celiacs have a good variety to choose from. They have a separate preparation area for gluten free pizza, they use separate utensils/ladles for the toppings and they use a special tray for cooking gluten free pizzas. They appear to understand how serious the threat of cross contamination is and do all they can to prevent it.

We went for the simple Margarita and it was amazing. The base was thin and crispy and the tomato sauce was delicious! Lots of basil and garlic..yummy! As we weren’t too hungry when found the place the plan was to eat a couple of hot slices before taking the remainder home to finish. This did not happen, it was far too tasty that John and I polished the whole thing off in 20 minutes.

As the pizza base comes pre-packed it only comes in the one size, somewhere between small and medium. Gluten free pizza is charged at the price of a small pizza plus $5 (as this is what Still Riding charge for the base). Prices range from $20-23 depending on which pizza you choose. This is a little more than I would like to pay for a smallish pizza but as all gluten free pizzas tend to cost more it was worth the price to get a safe and amazingly delicious pizza. Yay for another place serving safe and delicious gluten free pizza in San Francisco!

Eagle Pizzeria

Serving Still Riding Pizza

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