Gluten Free Plant Cafe Organic

Yummy quinoa bowl

Delicious cheesecake!

Plant Cafe Organic is another option for gluten free travellers looking for somewhere safe to eat out when in San Francisco. The restaurant’s kitchen is not 100% gluten free but staff do all they can to prevent cross contamination. They have a bunch of gluten free options on their menu at three locations in the city and one in SFO (San Francisco Airport for non-airport code fanatics). I took John to the Embarcadero location for his birthday.

The menu is not huge but around half of the items are gluten free which is nice. Five out of six appetisers and four out of six mains are gluten free. I ordered the Ginger Miso Quinoa Bowl which was a variety of seasonal veggies, quinoa and a choice of tofu, chicken or shrimp. I went for the chicken. The dish was mildy flavoured but very tasty. John on the other hand was not so delighted when he ordered his favourite food, pizza, and it came covered in broccoli, pretty much the only food he dislikes! Sad face. Clearly we should have double checked that broccoli was not involved as it was the seasonal pizza but strangely enough when our server rhymed off the ingredients she failed to mention that broccoli was the main event.

For dessert I had the very delicious Raspberry Cashew Cheesecake whilst John went for the Chocolate Cake. He was a lot more impressed with his dessert than his main course.

We had a nice evening at Plant Cafe. On my next visit however I may go for lunch as they have a slightly different menu at lunch time, possibly with more appealing gluten free options. These include a thai green curry and a fish taco plate which both sound very tasty! Since dessert was particularly tasty perhaps I”ll return with a friend for more gluten free cheesecake and a glass of vino.

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