Amazing Gluten Free Pizza


Amazing gluten free pizza!

When I first went gluten free I missed pizza. I used to really enjoy pizza and wine night with friends. I also enjoyed the simplicity of grabbing a slice pretty much anywhere in the world if I was looking for a fast and simple meal. I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

A number of restaurants offer gluten free options but more often than not the threat of cross contamination means that we celiacs can’t risk eating there. Often even if I do find a safe place to eat gluten free pizza, it’s crazy expensive just simply because it’s gluten free. So where does a celiac find safe and delicious gluten free pizza without spending a fortune? We make it ourselves!

Last week we had a couple of friends staying with us, one of whom is celiac. One night she offered to make us gluten free pizza using Chebe, a Brazilian bread mix. When making gluten free pizza it’s all about how the base turns out and this bread mix makes a fantastic, gluten free base! It was completely amazing and one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten, gluten free or gluten filled. Thanks, Meagan! I hope you enjoy it.


How to make it

  • Preheat oven to 375 F
  • Mix Chebe with oil, cheese and eggs
  • Mix in 1/4 cup of water and knead dough until smooth
  • Roll into pizza base and place in oven on pizza pan
  • Cook for 10 minutes before adding toppings
  • Cover base with pizza sauce
  • Sprinkle with garlic then add cheese
  • Complete with your favourite toppings (I’m all about the ham and pineapple or mushrooms and peppers!)
  • Cook for 20-30 minutes
  • Serve and enjoy!

The best girls don’t eat gluten 😀


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  • Oh! I have a hat that would fit right in with you two. Perhaps we should have a pizza club based on hats. Hehe.

  • I just happen to have a box of that Chebe mix in my pantry…would never have thought to try it as a pizza crust. Thanks!

  • I LOVE my hat, Amanda!

    I’d love to hear how your pizza making goes, Jenni! 😀

  • Laurie Lamantia

    Jul 29th, 2012

    What is Chebe mix and where would I buy it? My son is 17, and Gluten free due to a seizure disorder. His misses pizza so much, and all of the premade/frozen versions I have tried are really awful.

  • Laurie, it’s a gluten free bread mix which works great for making a pizza base! You can find it in lots of stores around the States or online if you are somewhere else in the world.

  • Chebe also makes a box mix specifically for pizza crusts. It’s delicious! I don’t pre-bake mine… I’ve done it that way, but I found it turns out better (flavor and texture wise) if you don’t do that. Just press the raw dough into your pan (too sticky to roll), add sauce, cheese, and toppings, and then bake for twice as long as the package directions say, until everything is golden. SUPER yummy. Best pizza EVER!!! Love, love, LOVE!!!

  • Jeanni: it’s definitely not too sticky to roll. you have to knead the dough until there are no lumps left, and the color is consistent… that goes for all tapioca/manioc based breads. If it’s too sticky even then (though t shouldn’t be if you follow the box directions. I can toss and stretch their dough like real pizza no problem) then dust your counter with tapioca starch and continue kneading. If you want it a little less chewy, or want your bread a little sweet, replace 1/4 cup of the Chebe mix with 1/4 cup of cornstarch and add a couple spoons of sugar. Also, the cheese is optional. You can get a good ciabatta bread out f their sandwich bun mix if you skip the cheese and brush the dough with butter prior to baking