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One of my best friends in the world is Polish. She was born in Warsaw but moved to Scotland when she was 9 years old. We became instant friends and 20 years later, despite the fact that I’m in San Francisco and she’s in London we catch up on Skype almost every week ūüôā

I had the pleasure of travelling to Poland with my friend back when we were at University. I haven’t had the chance to visit Poland since I was diagnosed as celiac but she did some great research for me when she was home visiting friends and family recently. What gluten free and celiac friendly options does Poland have to offer?

The Polish Celiac Association is a great resource for anyone gluten free headed to any part of the country. This group is the largest non-profit organization in Poland which helps people on a gluten free diet as well as their friends and family. They are a nation wide resource which was set up in 2008. The mission of the Polish Celiac Association is to help anyone on a gluten free diet living in or visiting Poland. They work to increase awareness of celiac disease, improve the detection of the disease and improve the quality of life for anyone on a gluten free diet.

Gluten free grocery shopping in Poland

The Polish celiac association provides a pretty extensive√ā¬†list of gluten free products available on the Polish market. They frequently update this list to provide up-to-date information for gluten free folks living in or travelling to Poland.

Eating out gluten free in Poland

In May 2011, the Polish celiac association began an eating out gluten free program – ‘Menu No Gluten’. They recognize the importance of celiacs being able to find safe cafes, bars and restaurants and how challenging eating out safely can be and so began a nation wide campaign to make it easier to eat out on a gluten free diet by creating a database of restaurants, cafes and eateries offering gluten free options. The list of restaurants offering gluten free options is searchable by province.

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Gluten free restaurants in Warsaw

Here are some celiac friendly restaurants and cafes in the Polish capital which offer gluten free options. If you are travelling to Warsaw be sure to check out the Polish Celiac Association’s website for additional eating out options.

Magrita is Poland’s first completely gluten free bakery and it can be found close to Warsaw’s business district. As well as everything they sell being gluten free they also do many dairy and egg free options. Their menu includes everything from bread to exciting gluten-free rolls (sweet, spicy, herb filled) as well as traditional Polish cakes and British style birthday cakes. They can also make products to order if you’re looking for something special.

Miseczka√ā¬†Oshin√ā¬†(The Oshin Bowl)√ā¬†situated at√ā¬†Grzybowska 2 in Warsaw√ā¬†is a sushi bar serving gluten free options.

Green Peas√ā¬†at Szpitalna 5√ā¬†is an organic and fair trade cafe in Warsaw. Everything on the menu is organic, GMO and chemical free and nothing is deep-fried. All of their main meals are gluten free.

Zapiecek√ā¬†is a very nice restaurant in the old town (Zapiecek and Piwna Streets)√ā¬†offering gluten free options. The menu includes soups, mains, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes and desserts. Gluten free customers can enjoy a wide variety of the options of the menu and safe options are clearly marked with the popular symbol.

VegeMiasto at Warszawa, ul. Chmielna 9A is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant which also does a variety of celiac friendly options. Gluten free options include soups, hot and cold dishes, pasta and yummy desserts including ice cream and cake!

Have you travelled gluten free to Poland? Where did you shop? What did you eat? Share your experiences in the comments below..

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  • Hi,
    I’ve noticed to post is from a while ago. For you who are traveling to Warschau I recommend the restaurant La Cantina (Nowy √ÖŇ°wiat), they have many glutenfree options (beer, pizza, burgers) and even serve glutenfree bread as side dice.
    Also Potato Warsaw across the street has glutenfree options.
    Enjoy your stay!