Horrific Stomach Pains

The fruity culprit??

Around 3 months ago I began to experience very bad, spasming pains in my stomach. I knew that the pains weren’t related to eating gluten because they were occuring on random days when I had eaten nothing but my usual breakfast and lunch which I knew did not contain any gluten. For months after being diagnosed I had been eating these same foods and suddenly they were causing me severe pains…Was it really the food or was it something more sinister? It was impossible for me to tell!

At first the pains appeared on a weekly basis which was horrible but it was when they started to come much more frequently (at one point I was in pain 4 of 5 days) that it became unbearable and I decided to go to my doctor. Unfortunately, but not too surprisingly, he said that it was difficult to pinpoint what was causing these pains and gave me a prescription for Mebeverine. He said to try these pills whenever the pains come and if they don’t work then to come back so that we can look into the problem further. Mebeverine is generally used for sufferers of  ‘IBS or similar stomach problems’ but I thought I may as well give it a try. The pains, when they sneak up on me, are so painful that I can barely function properly and I didn’t know how much more of them I could take! It was affecting my work, my running and my sleep!

The next time the pains came I took the pills. They didn’t work immediately but the pain eased within an hour or so and was gone a couple of hours later. I would continue to take the pills for a couple of days to ensure the pains were gone. This worked as far as getting rid of that particular wave of spasms but the pains would always come back, resulting in the need for more pills.

The last time I had these pains was 2 weeks ago. I had just eaten my breakfast of gluten free cornflakes with soy milk and a banana a hour earlier and this made something click in my brain. I thought back to the last few times I had the pains and to what I’d eaten….I couldn’t rememeber every time but I could definitely remember eating bananas on at least 2 or 3 other occasions before the pains came…could bananas really be the culprit?

I still can’t be sure if I’m right because it’s only been 2 weeks but I haven’t eaten a banana since and this is the longest I’ve gone in months without pain. I googled stomach pains after eating bananas and came across an interesting article on banana allergy

I like bananas and it sucks if I can never eat one again without suffering but at least knowing for sure would stop me worrying that the pains are due to something else…it’s been 2 weeks and counting since the spams so I’ll keep you updated on living banana and gluten free!

(UPDATE: June 2012) I have now been banana free for over two years and those horrific stomach pains never returned. I miss bananas but I certainly don’t miss the nasty pains I suffered from eating them!

Are there any other celiacs who have experienced something similar? It seems ridiculous that bananas were what were causing me all those horrific stomach pains! Do they do the same to you? Share your experiences of evil banana pains or other foods that do something similar to you…

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  • I’ve now been banana free for a month and my stomach pains have not returned during this time. It’s looking like it was definitely the bananas!!

  • Strange. I was diagnosed 5 months ago and still enjoy bananas regularly without any issues.

  • I haven’t been able to eat bananas for a year now because, like you, they also cause me horrific, crippling stomach pains. I had never had a problem with them before and out of the blue I started to get horrible stomach cramps. I still don’t know what exactly causes the stomach cramps but after a couple attempts at putting bananas back into my diet and suffering miserably, I’ve learned to just stay away. Thanks for posting the article! Interesting read as I am also allergic to avocado, although I’ve never had an adverse reaction to latex. Hmm..

  • interesting…I thought I was becoming neurotic! I haven’t eaten bananas for quite some time now as, like you, I found i suffered crippling abdominal pains shortly after eating them. I am having problems with wheat/gluten at the moment and am being tested for intolerance. I craved cereal and bread and ate both in excessive amounts!

  • sansgluten

    Jan 9th, 2011

    I’m thinking its the soy milk. Do some research on soy… you might find that’s the culprit. I can not tolerate soy. Banana’s, avocados and latex allergy are related, but I don’t know it would cause that level of pain…
    I have to say a big huge thank you since I’ve been looking for a medication like Mebeverine or something to have on hand after a gluten accident. I can’t believe the crippling pain I had after a the last 2 gluten accidents (each over a year apart, but debilitating) and don’t know what to ask for other than pain medicine which just masks the problem… if I’m lucky. Thank you…

  • I will definitely will do some research into the soy milk thing although since I’ve stopped eating bananas the pains have gone away completely so I’m pretty sure it has to have been them (although I was surprised that bananas could cause such terrible, crippling pains!)

    Come to think of it though, it’s been while since I’ve had any soy milk either. Interesting… Further research is required :-)

  • First of all – I love that your name is Laura. :) Secondly, my kiddo was reacting to something she’s been eating. Bananas was one of the things I haven’t ruled out yet. Need further testing. :) She DEFINITELY reacts to soy though. Soy flour, soy sauce (even the gluten free kind!) and soybean oil seems to get her too. It’s UGLY. Almost uglier than her response to gluten, even!! Dairy seems to give her a bit of trouble, but only if too much is ingested. She seems to do just fine with a piece of cheese here and there.

  • Interesting…sounds like there are quite a lot of people out there who have some sort of aversion to bananas and soy. I wonder if it is related to celiac disease/gluten sensitivity or whether it’s just coincidence…

    @Laura, what a pretty name you have too! teehee :-)

  • Susan Cassidy

    Feb 17th, 2011

    Hi Laura, just found your site and it looks really useful, thanks! I have a problem with soy which causes nasty stomach pains – and I react to too much sugar so I thought my slight problem with bananas may be to do with all the sugar in them…but I’m sensitive to latex too so I will now investigate further…!

  • How interesting! It sounds as though there are a lot of people out there who have horrible reactions to eating bananas. Recently I’ve discovered that eating blueberries and blackberries gives me a little stomach discomfort too. Nothing as horrific as bananas but perhaps it’s related…

  • This article caught my attention because it shows different aspects with different people having the same issues eating different things. My biggest problem is the soy milk. i’ve never had a problem drinking soy milk and all of the sudden i started to get this horrible pain on my stomach every time i drink it. I just changed my protein powder to a new brand that just came out and the other day i had it before i went to the gym and when i got there i couldnt do much because the pain was so intense that i had to go back home, not only that but my lips get fat and my mouth gets kinda numb. does anyone have the same probem?

  • Hi have been having crippling stomach pains for the past 2 weeks. Today I was absolutely beside myself, had to drop what I was doing, and return home I was in so much pain. It subsided after about an hour. A week ago I gave up caffeine in an attempt to ease the periodic pain with no success. Today, all I had eaten was a banana. And that’s when it hit me, I have been eating tons of bananas and sure enough, this must be the culprit. (I don’t eat soy, ever)

    I started Googling and sure enough people with the same exact symptoms. Unbearable upper stomach pains shortly after eating, pain subsides in an hour.

    Some say they can tolerate fully ripe ones, or small ones but not on an empty stomach. I’m not going to test this any time soon, but I suspect at some point I will.

  • Just ate a few handfuls of blueberries with my breakfast cereal and I’m feeling slight stomach pains. :-(

    Nothing as horrific as what bananas do to me but certainly a similar more mild version of the same feeling. Could blueberries and bananas perhaps be fruity cousins??

  • Hello, I just wanted to know if you ever found out what the pain is from. I have been suffering for years and years and my list of things that I cannot eat has grown incredibly. Tomatoes are by far the worst, but I cannot eat any fruits with small seeds (berries of all kinds, bananas, kiwi etc) I also cannot have a lot of vegetables (cucumbers, zucchini, squash, etc) also salad dressings oil and cream based and greasy/oily things. I cannot eat foods that are fried (no loss there) or anything with butter. I don’t mind the loss of dressings and other unhealthy options, but not being able to eat fruits and vegies is really bad. I know that vitimins cannot be enough. I have had so many tests done with no results. I have never heard of anyone having these types of issues before.

  • Hi Lindsay!

    It is definitely bananas which cause me the awful pains. I don’t eat them at all now…it’s not worth it as the pain is that terrible. If I eat more than a small handful of blueberries or blackberries I can a similar pain but not as severe as with bananas. It’s very strange but after writing this post I got a lot of feedback from people who can’t eat bananas and various other things. I wonder what it is inside these things which is giving people problems!?

    You say you can’t eat fruit with small seeds…how are you with other fruits like grapes, melon, pear, etc? Which veggies are you alright with? I agree, it’s not too much of a loss not to be able to eat unhealthy things but we should all be able to enjoy the taste and health benefits of fruit and veg.

  • Have you tried organic bananas? Many bananas are of the same strain and they do use chemical on them. It could be the chemicals that are the problem rather than the banana itself.

  • I’ve never been able to eat bananas they have always given me crippling stomach pains. Been gluten free since 2005 but bananas have always been an issue for me

  • Hi Kate, Yip, I tried organic bananas and still get the same pains. I’ve also eaten bananas in a number of different locations at different times to rule out anything other than bananas themselves. Very bizarre.
    Jacqui, How strange that so many of us get terrible pains from our yellow, fruity friend!

  • Everyone needs to be very careful with soy. Soy does not allow for the absorption of vitamin D and Calcium and leaches calcium from your bones. My daughter and I are both celiacs and ate organic soy products for four years to gain calcium since we are also lactose intolerant, but during that time our bones began to ache and were unable to endure long periods of activities. After blood tests, they found that I was so close to Ricketts that it was astounding that I could walk at all. My daughter had very low calcium and vitamin D levels as well. So we had to take mega doses of Vitamin D and Calcium and two years later we are okay again. So take care when eating soy products which you will find are in almost every health food product!

  • I’ve eaten bananas for years and suddenly started getting really bad stomach cramps from what I have discovered is bananas. It’s weird that this started suddenly. I haven’t had a banana in a couple of weeks but just ate half of one about an hour ago and sure enough, crippling pain. I do know I can’t eat soy and have quite a few other food intolerances but am very upset about the banana problem as there isn’t a whole lot I can eat in the first place!

  • I just found out I’m allergic to beef. Now, I seem to do fine with chicken and pork, but beef makes me have similar symptoms as I do to gluten. I was so sick for two weeks and finally my food journal revealed the attack. According to one article about 20% of lactose intolerant people (another fun allergy for me) are also allergic to red meat. So, I say if bananas make you sick, skip them and I’m glad you’ve been two years pain free. At this point I know I’m willing to give up any food that makes me sick. No food is worth the pain involved. Celiacs have enough to deal with by surprise attacks.

  • Amazingly timely. Just underwent heart ultrasound and nuclear stress test plus full ultrasound of stomach,liver,spleen,kidneys, etc. to find the cause of sever pain in upper stomach. The pain appeared regularly each day about 30 minutes into my walk. It was short lived but became more and more intense. When I went on vacation in May, the pain stopped completely. What was different? No banana and peanut butter for early breakfast for 16 days. Now, back in the US and back to banana every am and pain. You post was so timely. Hate giving up bananas too but guess I’ll do it.

  • I was diagnosed last week with celiac disease and am becoming more aware of what causes my stomach to hurt. I have had no gluten today but ate banana and my stomach hurts. I am wondering if blueberries are doing the same thing too. I have a lot to learn but eventually I hope to be feeling better all of the time.

  • Hi Barb, welcome to the gluten free community :) Figuring it all out is a challenge but it definitely gets easier! I never eat bananas anymore due to these terrible pains and like you I thought blueberries were doing the same thing too at one point but nowadays I can eat them every now and again and I’m fine. Good luck with your gluten free diet and let me know if you have any questions :)

  • Thank goodness I am not the only one. I was diagnosed in November 2011 with Coeliac after a biopsy. The horrible lower abdominal cramps and camping out in the bathroom have eased right off since starting Gluten free diet but all of a sudden I experienced crippling upper abdo pain within minutes of eating a banana. I thought I had a perforated ulcer or something. The pain was horrific and took 4 hours to ease off but made me feel very unwell for the rest of the day. Also for a couple of days afterwards my stomach was very ill at ease….wind pain, gurgling etc. Had to be the banana as I was fine before. Always eaten them fairly ripe as in the past they have caused a little bit of indigestion but this was off the scale. Never again will I eat them :(

  • I have problems with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, including bananas. It turns out I have oral allergy syndrome.

  • I too have experienced the same pain and have not had a banana in 22 years. I also experience the same pain with pears, almonds and just recently spinach… I used to be able to eat those foods with no issues. I would rather avoid them in order to not have to suffer through that pain. It’s almost like the stomach can’t digest the food…the pain is severe enough with both bananas and pears that after about 2 hours they come back up and empty my stomach. Pain disappears and so that food from my diet, forever!!

  • I have had issues with bananas for years. I had read the Blood Type book by D’Adamo and it made sense to me after that. The premise is that our blood type pre-determines us to certain food allergies. I have been gluten-free for two yrs. and that has changed my life. I still have issues w/ bananas, melons and sometimes apples. My biggest food foe has been onion and garlic; causing extreme tummy pain and bloating. Try avoiding that in our world!

  • Well, I have had this same allergy to banana as the one described above for 20 years. Today, I had avacado and had the same reaction. Surprising, but as I am reading up on it it’s very common to react to both.

  • Hi Laura,
    I just googled ‘bananas causing stomach cramps’ and came across your post on bananas giving you stomach pains. Your story is exactly the same as mine. About 6 months ago I started getting really bad stomach aches, and at first couldn’t figure out why, then managed to identify bananas as the probable cause. Since not eating them, I have been stomach pain free. I don’t get it – I have eaten bananas my whole life – why would we suddenly be allergic to them??? Do you know?

    Best wishes,

  • P.S I miss bananas!!!

  • Hi Victoria! I seriously have no idea what started it all. I know allergies and intolerances can begin at any time in our lives but looking back at the above comments it sounds as though many of us are suddenly having problems with bananas in adulthood. Many celiacs develop other intolerances (I’m not sure if you’re celiac or have other allergies?) so I often wonder if my banana allergy is something to do with that but I’ve never found a concrete answer. Before all of this begin I did eat a banana in my cereal almost every morning so perhaps it came from eating too many of them?!?

    I haven’t eaten a banana for almost 3 years and I miss them too! Although from time to time I’ll have a tiny piece if my husband is eating one and I seem to be ok with that. Perhaps it’s now time after almost 3 years to try eating a quarter of a banana to see if I still get the pains..

  • It was very interesting to not only read this article but the responses with it. I’m a gluten free vegetarian and I very much loved eating a variety of fruits and vegetables however a few months ago I started to get sick again. The symptoms were similar to that of being glutened however I knew it wasn’t the case. After a couple of weeks of being unable to hold any food (and losing over 6lbs) I went to the doctor who told me my stomach acidity was too great. This was the cause of the nausea, slight stomach pain and increased bowel activity. He put me on pills to try and reduce the acid however I just felt worse. He also suggested I eat a high fibre diet (after eye rolling on his part about my vegetarianism and my gluten allergy (which isn’t medically diagnosed, although my aunt is celiac and a few cousins cannot tolerate gluten either). This new way of eating (more nuts, seeds, flax, quinoa) has greatly alleviated my stomach issues. I still mourn the loss of a lot of fruit in my diet but try to mix bits in with high fibre partners and (touch wood) it seems to be working alright at the moment.

  • Hi….I also googled stomach pain after eating a banana….thought I was going crazy….was so glad to find you posts! I am also gluten, lactose, latex intolrant . Couldn’t figure out why I had such severe pain after a simple banana ….all I know is I won’t eat one again! Thanks so much everyone for sharing!!

  • I started having problems in my early twenties with bananas, aspirin and almonds. Many years later it was pointed out to me that I had a problem with amines. Bananas are fine if they’re with something else or baked (20 mins until skins are black & I have them with maple syrup & cream). Almonds are fine if not eaten on an empty stomach bit no aspirin whatsoever, as my reaction is severe and I end up with a 4 day migraine, not fun! Have a look a fedup.com.au. Best wishes everyone x

  • so glad i found this site, i am also gluten intolerant but have always been able to eat bananas until last night. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so perhaps it was because I had an empty stomach but my Gosh, the pain in my stomach and intestines was horrific – will be afraid of bananas after this for a long time!

  • I have noticed that I have a lot of pain after eating bananas that are not quite ripe. It took me a while to figure it out. I am also having more inflammation in my joints and nasal congestion when I eat too many carbs. I can not drink beer at al. My doctor is calling it a sugar intolerance, but I don’t have high blood sugar. It is strange, indeed, but nevertheless, I must reduce my carb intake.

  • this is a great thread, and it’s comforting to know other people have been dealing with this too. i have long suspected that a mild gluten allergy was contributing to my psoriasis, however a few months ago i started getting very sick to my stomach after eating breakfast. i figured there was no way it was bananas because I had eaten them every morning for years, but sure enough, I ate one in the late afternoon and had the same pain. I stopped eating them and the pain went away. However, two points:

    -The stomach pains also coincided with my starting to take a particular multivitamin. Literally, the first time i tried it was the first day i started getting the pains. Although I stopped taking the vitamin, I cant help but think something in this “flipped a switch” in my stomach so that I now cant have bananas.
    -I’ve started noticing other foods having the same effects; particularly green beans. And now I’m laying awake at night with the same stomach pain and can’t figure out what I ate that’s causing it; onions, potatoes, portabella mushrooms, quinoa and chicken is what i had for dinner, all foods ive eaten a million times without problems.

    I saw a posting a while back from someone that resonated with me. They had a doctor tell them that they had actually developed an allergy to high-fiber foods. It sounds completely insane, and actually at odds with the advice that an above poster received, but the piece of advice that poster gave- to drink lots and lots of water to alleviate the stomach pain, actually tends to work for me (although it also keeps me up at night).

    Anyways, hope some of this can be useful. I plan on going to see an allergist in the next few weeks so hopefully can get to the bottom of it. Good luck to everyone else.

  • I was diagnosed Gluten Intolerant several years ago. My doctor also told me to stay away from soy. Prior to my diagnosis I had been taking an herbal pill with soy in it. I had already discovered that those pills were definitely causing a lot of my pain. A few months ago I had two very painful Gluten attacks that both lasted over a week. I had been drinking smoothies in the morning made with blueberries or bananas. I could not figure out at the time what I had ate that was causing such terrible pain any why it was lasting so long. I thank you for your posting as now I feel I was also victim to eating bananas.

  • I am not celiac, have no known allergies, but have had a problem with bananas for years. I also get the stomach pains which last for about an hour, but not every time I eat a bananas. In fact, yesterday I ate a banana that was not quite ripe and had no problem, but today I ate one from the exact same batch and had the pains. My mom told me she suspected that I reacted to bananas as a baby. I don’t usually have a problem if the banana is ripe enough, but can’t figure out why my reaction is so unpredictable. I have wondered if it is pesticides and maybe if I get the chemical in my mouth sometimes and not others.

  • I am in pain now because I ate a huge glass of a mix fruits jam: blueberry+banana+apple+ strawberry. Actually, I suffered a crippling stomach pain a month ago, it was getting wore and wore that it became so horrible. I ate various mixed fruits every day, and the pain happened when I added blueberry/cranberry/ strawberry mixed together with avocado/ banana/apple/wiki. The doctor gave me some capsule and the pain is ease day by day, and I stopped to take any fruit since seeing the doctor.

    I started to eat fruits from yesterday. I ate apple+wiki+banana+small amount of blueberry(maybe 10 granules of them), and I didn’t feel pain yesterday. This morning I put apple+wiki+5 strawberry+25 blueberry+banana. And then I am suffering the pain now. fortunately, it is not as wore as last time.

    I’m still not clear which of the fruits caused the pain, but I will reduce the amount of the berries every time from now on.

  • I forgot to say that I always mixed the fruit jam with 30g protein whey.

  • Hi, I just started gluten free 3 weeks ago. All had been going well until this week. Stomach pains like I had gluten. Its been driving me crazy trying to figure out what it was. I’ve been googling every ingredient that I’ve been injesting that wasn’t a fruit or veggie. I already know my allergies where those are concerned. Or do I? It just hit me about 10 mins ago as I was eating a banana, that I’ve had one every day this week, sometimes twice. Now I am wondering if all my stomach pain is now related to that. I’m going to be very upset about it if it is but at least I would know. Now to test that theory out by not eating anymore for a few days.

  • A few years ago after eating a banana, I had stomach pains so bad that I’ve not dared touch one since. Before that I never had any allergies to anything.

  • I don’t like bananas, haven’t eaten one in maybe 7-8 years, so I wouldn’t know anything about the bananas..
    But I love blueberries, I usually eat a few in my plain yogurt when I wake up.
    But yesterday I ate more than usual, I ate a bowl of them before going to bed, and today before lunch I got some really bad stomach pains that lasted about 30-60 minutes, after that it was almost fine. Maybe it was the blueberries?
    I ate a lot more than I usually do!!

    -LM :)

  • Im 38 yrs old and just last week, I started getting the most horrid stomach pains in the morning, about an hr after breakfast. This just started last week, and every day after that. I tried pinpointing what the hell I was eating, and changed it. Never once occurred to me that it could be the banana I have every morning. I realized I didn’t have any pain on Sun and Mon because I didn’t eat one. So I thought I was cured. This morning about 8am I had one and about 12:30pm, the pains and nausea made me call my doctor. Hopefully she gives me some answers!

  • I thought I was going crazy or was really medically sick!! Started drinking green smoothies for breakfast about two months ago and I noticed on some mornings after my smoothie I would be in horrible pain! I thought maybe it was the bananas and stopped using them for a week or so, no pain tried to used them again and bam I felt like I was gonna die! I am asmatic so I have alot of allergies only food allery is shell fish so I dont understand why the bananas do me like this! But I am so glad to see Im not the only person like this thank you for sharing!

  • I have the same problem with bananas. I found out it’s because i’m allergic to latex. Apparently bananas and the rubber tree have an almost identical chemical makeup. Maybe get tested to see if you’re allergic to latex. I haven’t eaten a banana 10 years.

  • OMG! I just returned from the doctor and he is sure I have an ulcer due to the high amount of Advil I was taking for a few weeks. He told me bananas were great at soothing the constant burn I have in my stomach (feels like I have a hot rock in my stomach at all times) so I ate one with my medication as soon as I walked in the door. I am in so much pain right now! I’m going to skip the bananas while I heal this ulcer. So glad I found your site.

  • I seem to have fructose intolerance and cant eat bananas. The pain gets worse each time. At first they just upset my stomach but now I get real pain. I ‘forgot’ and had one today and had real pain for a while. No more bananas for me! P.s. they also make me cough but I never cough other times.

  • How thankful to discover your WEB page.
    I have IBS but never paid attention to “banana and nasty tummy ache”; until yesterday. A mid afternoon snack of a banana gave me pain within perhaps 30 minutes. I could hardly stay at work, it was so painful. The pain lasted until, I went to bed almost 7 hours after eating the banana.
    I will really miss them, but I plan to avoid them now.

  • I don’t know where I heard this information but someone told me somewhere that bananas have hidden gluten in them naturally since I went gluten free I have not had o ne and have not had problems. I do not understand why they would have gluten but I was new at the gluten free thing and it was someone who was a long time gluten free person so I listened to them… don’t know if it is true or not but it might be worth it to look into… maybe it is the answer

  • My hubby is not Celiac but bananas give him excruciating pain as well. He started reacting badly to shellfish about 5 years ago. From there, it blossomed into being unable to eat bananas and avocados. Still trying to get him to see a Doctor for a proper diagnosis….

  • this might help you all out I just read it myself and now I understand a lot better


  • I get severe abdominal pain fairly often, even causes weakness and fainting. Thank God that I ha e always been home and not one. The first time my husband called an ambulance and I was taken to the ER. diagnosis was ? , sorry just forgot the name of the syndrome. The ER Dr. said it shuts the body down when the pain gets unbearable. My doctor prescribed a little pill to put under my tongue for it to dissolve and it works fairly quick. The only problem is that it causes constipation. Never got a different diagnosis. Forgot to say I have Celiac. Never have been able to pinpoint a retain food that triggers the pain. Still a mystery.

  • I just read your article about the stomachs problems after eating bananas. I had bad stomachs pain after eating oranges. And the weird thing is, I are them for years before that and never had a problem. So I didn’t eat them for quite a while and then tried one and I was fine.

  • Bananas have given me terrible stomach pain my whole life. Haven’t touched them since last attempt in 5th grade. Then in my thirties the same started happening with avocados. My mother became allergic to bananas when she was pregnant with me. She can now eat them again, but is now allergic to avocados. Glad you discovered what caused the pain. That’s some horrible pain! I can’t even look at a banana or avocado without triggering bad memories and nausea. (I have a few times been able to eat banana bread and be ok — I wonder if the cooking changed the chemistry? But have decided not worth the risk.)

  • I get these exact same stomach pains all day shortly after eating bananas as well as avocados… Which is so sad because I love avocados and was able to eat them till 2 years ago. =(

  • Like u Tee, I can eat banana bread no problem but no raw bananas.

  • Hi,

    My wife has a bad reaction to Bananas similar to that described by most of you here. She is not allergic to much else except aspirin. Gluten is fine with her.

    Symptoms are nausea and sometimes strong pain in the upper stomach usually occurring within 30min of consumption.

    She only noticed this after our second child when she was about 35. Before then it had been fine.

    She has also worked out that cooked bananas don’t bother her. Frozen bananas are no good. So perhaps heat is breaking down the chemical that causes the pain. She enjoys banana cake and cooks it often.

    So if there is a clever chemist out there who can concoct an indigestion remedy that has the same affect as cooking the banana then it could work for her. Maybe you could make a few bucks.

  • I as well can not eat:
    raw broccoli
    raw cauliflower
    raw zucchini
    Or Oatmeal/whole rolled oats

    I’m allergic to:
    tree nuts
    sunflower seeds

    I don’t know why I cant eat these foods, I figure it’s an intolerance. But today I had a similar reaction to green grapes. It was severe, pain radiated from my stomach to my back & it felt like my shoulders filled with lactic acid & they still hurt 6 hours later. I was driving & had to pull over, I fell to the ground in a parking lot & held the ground gasping in pain. It sucked.

    For some reason I feel like I’m missing a digestive enzyme to break down these foods. At times, I thought I was having a pancreas attack or something. I wondered if it was the seeds. I’m not sure what to think, but I hate when it happens.

  • Hey Sherri ….
    I” have noticed that I have a lot of pain after eating bananas that are not quite ripe. It took me a while to figure it out. I am also having more inflammation in my joints and nasal congestion when I eat too many carbs. I can not drink beer at al. My doctor is calling it a sugar intolerance, but I don’t have high blood sugar. It is strange, indeed, but nevertheless, I must reduce my carb intake.”

    You maybe allergic to barley. It caused my joints to inflame too. Avoid it for a while & see if it goes away.
    Have ur Dr give you a blood test to see if you’re alleric to barley.

  • I, too, didn’t have a problem with bananas until I became gluten intolerant. I stayed away from bananas for years and recently tried them again. I do okay with small amounts- as in banana cookies, banana baked into oatmeal or even in a smoothie. The bananas also have to be super-duper ripe, which is how I prefer them anyway. Made the HUGE mistake of having a banana today, not as ripe as I like either, and BAM! Intense pain I had forgotten about… a quick slug of papaya juice and I am almost pain free. My list of can’t-do foods is growing.. and quickly. I’m curious if any of you are taking probiotics or digestive enzymes? Usually an intolerance (and not an allergy- allergies are different) is because the body can’t break down the food.. enter enzymes. Anyway, I’m starting probiotics and enzymes so I guess I’ll see.. my list of foods I can eat is rather short…. :/

  • I ate 3 bananas on an empty stomach and 24 hr later still this horrid pain… Any idea how long it will last? Thank u

  • I am 33 and have never had a foods allergy or really any other allergies to speak of. I recently cut out processed foods and anything with gluten from my diet just to be healthier. After cutting gluten and then reintroducing it, I had digestive issues and an acne flare up. So I cut it out again because bread just isn’t worth it.
    But…. I’ve been having sporadic, excoriating stomach aches over the past couple weeks. The first one was so bad, I though I was going to faint and my husband almost took me to the hospital. It has happened a few times since and I seriously thought something was wrong with me because no one else was getting sick from the food we were eating. Well this morning it happened again and the only thing I had eaten was a lone banana. And then I thought back and I had eaten a banana in some form along with other foods before my other episodes. I googled banana and stomach pain and found this thread. I’m glad I’m not the only one. As much as I love bananas, it’s good bye cause those are the worst stomach aches I’ve ever had.

  • I’m 28 years old and recently started a exercise program called insanity. This is the second time I’ve done this program because the first time I did it I began to get horrible stomach pains and was forced to stop the workouts. I eventually went to see a doctor (which i absolutely never do), because the pains became so bad. I was convinced I had an ulcer or something seriously wrong because the pains became so intense. I went back to my old eating patterns and the stomach pains went away. I recently started the insanity program again and a lot of the meals include bananas. A week or so back in to the diet I began to get those awful pains again. I write down every meal I eat and just today I reviewed the meals I had eaten the days the stomach pains occurred and realized that every day I got those awful pains were days that I ate bananas. So I googled bananas and stomach pains and came across this link and I’m happy I did so. I’m going to cut bananas out of my diet and see if the pains stop.

  • I find that ripe bananas only give me stomach pain, but green tipped ones do not.

  • I just figured out tonight that bananas are also causing my stomach pains. I thought this was crazy because I have been eating them my whole life and just the last 3 weeks I have started to get these stomach pains. I also googled stomach pains after eating bananas and can across this website. I am so glad I did and found others with same issues. I am currently having these stomach pains and don’t know how to relieve them. This is the longest they have lasted. Any suggestions on how to allievate some of the pain? I do not have any others food allergies that I know of so this came as a real shock to me.

  • So glad to know I’m not hallucinating. Banana, avocado, almond and watermelon are KILLERS for me. *sigh. Anyone else with that combination?

  • Julija
    Yes, it first started with Bananas and then went to Avocado, Almonds and now watermelon. I find it crazy because these are all things I loved and ate before. NOW THEY KILL ME. People think I’m crazy when I tell them 5 min after eating any of these things sends my stomach in a rage.

  • It took me years to figure out I could not eat bananas, tomatoes or avocados. The other day I had a peach and had the same reaction. An hour after dinner I was doubled up on the couch and added peaches to the list of foods I will no longer eat, due to a Latex Fruit Syndrome. I can eat banana nut pancakes, banana bread, and stewed tomatoes. Something about heating or cooking the fruit neutralizes the proteins.

  • I also have horrible colicky spasms with bananas. I found this out by process of elimination. Now I have just begun the SAME exact symptoms and I haven’t touched bananas since I was 18 (40 now). I was convinced that it was gallbladder issues. Had scans x3. All normal besides 6 kidney stones that weren’t related to this horrific pain. I literally feel like a knife is being stabbed into my upper chest with severe pain unDer right rib through the right shoulder blade. Nausea. Hard to take a deep breath in. Pain into neck and right jawbone. Fullness feeling. Don’t want to swallow because you could disrupt a burp trying to make its way out which you feel it would relieve the pain just a little if you could just burp hugely!
    My daughter and I ate chicken wild rice soup tonight and grapes. Nothing that should cause this acute shockinb pain….oh but my daughter rarely eats grapes…she has the SAME exact symptoms at the same time as me! Grapes! I have been eating loads of these all season! And have been suffering like this since they came into season (about may)!!! Now…I will eliminate these. And I hope to solve the problem! The dr called today to for me see a G I specialist because she didn’t know what else can be done for me.
    I have been researchin this as well tonight. Could have something to do with fructose that is in these fruits and some ppl don’t have the enzyme to break it down…sort of like lactose intolerance or… binging on grapes or types of these fruits… another cause. I can’t eat pineapple either. Same exact symptoms. I don’t think that I have a gluten sensitivity, but perhaps I will need to research this as well.
    thanks for the blog and reminding me of bananas and these acute attacks relations!

  • For 6 weeks I have had stomach pain with bloated stomach. Reflux.
    I tried to work out what I eat regularly and decided it had started when I drank banana smoothies for breakfast each day for those 6 weeks. As soon as I stopped eating bananas the bloated stomach and pain and reflux went away. No more bananas for me which is rather sad. I have developed food allergies recently. Red, green, orange and yellow foods are off my menu. Sometimes I think I may as well eat cardboard as there are so many things I cannot have.

  • I have eaten banana and from some days . I am suffering from stomach and abdominal pain.. This getting worse when I eat something. Please advice any drug to cure it.

  • Glad I bumped on this site. Bananas have always been my favorite fruit, but since December last years it causes so much stomach pain. Avocado and Pawpaw….those I gave up years ago! So what am I suffering from? Gluten Intolerance??

  • Almost every one of you need to heal your leaky gut. Some have true allergies, nothing you can do but avoid the food, the rest, seal up your perforated gut lining with bone broth, healthy fats like ghee or coconut oil, plain butter if dairy is tolerated, then build up daily dose of probiotics, preferably in the form of fermented foods. I’ve done this and was able to eat bananas, tomatoes, etc. again, but I went and ate all the chocolate and Christmas goodies I could get my hands on and now am avoiding then again until I heal my gut some more. I have celiac disease and going gluten free didn’t help enough. Had to cut out all sugar and starchy carbs while introducing a GAPS diet. Check it out and maybe you can enjoy bananas again soon.

  • I haven’t been able to eat a banana for over a year due to the horrible stomach pain they caused. I ate bananas all the time with no problems until age 42. I don’t have any other allergies or issues, but just ate some blueberries and am getting the same feeling. I am looking at the long list of foods that people are no longer able to eat and hoping that my list doesn’t get too long. Right now, just bananas and blueberries.

  • mmm I think those yummy bananas might just be the cause of my sudden bouts of stomach pain/cramping, sweats and feeling faint, all of which I’ve experienced all of a sudden this past week after having eaten a banana. My doctor ran blood tests and I had an ultrasound all came back clear thank goodness. I am very fortunate as I don’t have any allergies, luv my food and can eat anything, well could until now … so it will be bye bye bananas :(

  • First it was bananas. Now it’s tomatoes, grapes, apples, most berries, pineapple, spinach, and most recently beer. It’s hard to describe the pain. It’s always behind my sternum and usually goes up to the back of my throat. It’s a bloated, swollen feeling. Usually accompanied by an excess of saliva forming in my throat. Often feels like I have something stuck in my throat. Most of the comments don’t describe having saliva increase like I experience. Btw, not allergic to latex or anything for that matter. Thanks for the site; proves to friends and family that I’m not a crazy hypochondriac.

  • I’ve found this after googling ‘stomach pains after banana smoothies’. Twice in the last week I’ve had a homemade banana smoothie – something I’ve had LOADS of times in the past – and experienced a terrible stomach ache afterwards. It takes hours for it to ease off. It’s a tricky thing to describe but it’s kind of like really bad bloating but in the top part of my stomach, just under my diaphragm. It’s as though it’s solidified in my stomach or something!! Feels horrible.

    Anyway, I actually am a coeliac (diagnosed 2003), but I’ve been eating bananas for years with no trouble at all so I’m not sure if it’s them or something else that seems to be related but isn’t?

    Has anyone found anything that can help with the pain??

  • ive eaten bananas all my life, until recently I had one on an empty stomach and I wanted to cry. I didn’t realize it was the banana till I started burping and all I could taste was the previous banana. the pain was intolerable and I was contemplating calling 911.i haven’t had one in weeks, and I plan on keeping it that way ..forever.

    went to gastrointestinal doc and I have a list of no’s . and bananas cherries apples orange lemons and limes are all on it. Also onions garlic and a few other things. I haven’t experienced the usual constipation and bloating, so I guess its working.

    coming across this blog was the best thing that happened to me today.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this. I don’t have celiac disease but it seems that I suddenly became allergic to bananas. I used to eat them pretty much daily but about six months ago I started to get really bad stomach cramps, usually at night time. I had my gallbladder removed because they thought that was the problem but still the pain happened after the operation! I just decided to start eliminating things from my diet starting with bananas since I ate one right before bed one time and had the worst stomach cramps of all.
    That was four months ago and I haven’t had an attack since. A few weeks back my partner baked a banana bread and I decided to try just a little bit just to see and sure enough if gave me mild symptoms of the same – quite bizarre but I am steering clear of bananas properly now!

  • I am so glad to have found someone else that this is happening to! Everything thinks i’m nuts! No you just have a bug, it’s something else you’ve ate, you’ve just eaten too much of them. I was starting to think i was going crazy but then the same thing started happening with pears too! It’s hearbreaking because i adore my fruit salads! I recently went vegan and all it seems to be causing me is hassle. II don’t have celiac disease either and have no other allergies except the occasional bout of hayfever but thats all.

  • Not celiac or gluten intolerant at all but have a slight intolerance to lactose. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 17 (26 now) and afterwards I could not eat lettuce without getting these stomach pains. All of a sudden about a 18 months ago I got these same pains after eating a banana for a mid afternoon snack. I thought it was a fluke so tried it again a week later and same pain then too. I haven’t touched banana in any form since and I miss bananas now. Avocados started doing the same thing to me about a year ago when I made guacamole. Again thought it might be a fluke so tried raw avocado and the pain was just as crippling. I absolutely love guacamole and fresh raw avocado and not being able to eat it kills me!! Today however I have just added cantaloupe to the list of things I cannot eat anymore. I ate a couple pieces for a afternoon snack and minutes later I’m laying in the fetal position in pain. Funny thing though is I can now eat small amounts of lettuce with no pain after 9 years without it! Just wish I could have my fruits and veggies back completely!!

  • Hi! So I was just googling my symptoms and came across this! The pains the original poster described are exactly what I get! They came out of the blue one day and happened very sporadically. Sometimes twice in one week, sometimes none for weeks. Seemed totally random until I discovered that whenever I had had the pain (which had actually made me faint on two occasions) I had eaten tomatoes! I have never had a problem with any foods before except that certain foods can make my lips, ears and throat itch, mainly citrus fruits/raw veg. This is like an unbearable pain, like I don’t know what to do with myself. It only stays for a few hours and then disappears without a trace. The doctor has referred me for an ultrasound and given me mebeverine to take if I get an attack. These help in about 30 – 45 minutes as they stop the stomach from going into spasm. The reason I was googling is because I have just eaten some strawberries and blueberries and have started to get the same pain, not quite as bad as when I’ve had it before but still really painful. I had some blood tests and they came back that I am not coeliac. I seem to be still fine with bananas but it’s maybe only a matter of time! Does anyone else have the same symptoms? And only with seeded fruit?

  • What a relief to see that this is fairly common. I have terrible pain when I have bananas, avocados, and now raspberries! It took a while to figure it out but now I know. Is it an allergy? Also can you be tested for celiac if you have been gluten free for four years?

  • Hi Jessica,

    It appears that it could be related to the latex allergy. Bananas and avocados and a few other things are part of the same family.

    Unfortunately you can’t be properly tested for celiac disease if you are not currently eating gluten. Have a read at this:


  • Hi Cat!

    The doctor gave me mebeverine too when I first started getting these awful pains. These days I just stay away from bananas (although I still miss them!) and I’m fine. If I eat too many blueberries I get pains too. I haven’t noticed it with strawberries so far.

  • kellyanne

    Jul 9th, 2015

    ive read through the majority of the comments and I believe many of you need to try the LOW FODMAP DIET, however, on this diet, I have also found that bananas, corn, and now sometimes zucchini/yellow squash, tomatoes, seem to give me slight gas problems. trying to figure out the squash issue, but I read somewhere that bananas have prebiotics, which can cause havoc on people with stomach issues, ibs, etc.
    does anyone else have issues with zucchini or yellow squash? ive searched everywhere and cant find anything about it! thanks all, good luck!

  • I also developed “allergies” to bananas. I have been eating them my entire life for 26 years when sudenlly one night I ate one and I got horrible cramps. I didn’t know the cause of my pain, so I ate another banana a few days after and the pain came back again, in those days I was diagnosed with gastritis , so I blamed it for the pains. But then I realized that other foods wouldn’t give me the strong pain bananas did, so besides my gastritis, the banana was to blame for my cramps, I told the doctor about it and he didn’t even paid attention to me hahaha, like he didn’t believe me. Oh well. I’m well from the gastritis now after 4 months. So I decided to eat another banana recently and bam! That horrible pain again, so there it is, I can’t eat them anymore. But the story doesn’t end there, I’m drinking Kefir for the probiotics it has to help my stomach recover from the H. Pylori treatment, so I got a banana strawberry flavor one, and I have been drinking it for the past 3 days at breakfast, guess what? Pain came back right after it. I didn’t pay much attention because I though that the raw bananas was the one I couldn’t eat, well I was wrong, it turned out that in flavor a will kick me too. At least in Kefir. So I will never ever again eat nothing that has banana on it. The other two things I ate with the kefir was bread and peanut butter, these two never game a problem before, so I don’t think there are the ones messing my stomach after breakfast

  • I realized I couldn’t eat bananas almost around 2003. Excruciating, cramping stomach pain when I would. I would have to curl up into a ball and lay in bed. I tried only a 2-3 times again in the past over 10 years to see if I had gotten over it and I haven’t. Too scared to try again. Too painful.
    But recently I’ve been having a similar but not as severe reaction to cantaloupe.
    It seems it has something to do with pollen/ragweed cross contamination in this fruits.
    Guess I’ll have to cut out cantaloupe too…very sad.

  • I stumbled across this site by chance. I haven’t eaten a banana in 15 years. I wish this post was around back then. At attempting to explain my “allergy” to people that it’s unbearable sternum/stomach pain, they think I’m wacko.
    The closest I could find was latex food syndrome. While it isn’t all the foods, I absolutely cannot eat even a bite of banana, avacado, pear, cantaloupe or mushroom. I am fine with gluten and soy, can eat meat, dairy, etc. so a bacon chili cheeseburger is fine, but a pear lands me flat on my back in pain for hours.
    This came up as I made my dh fake icecream with frozen bananas and not thinking, took a finger full of the creamy, deadly stuff. So far no pain but I’m worried.
    How ling did it take everyone else to add tomatoes, kiwi, etc? The avacado happened couple years after banana. I loved guacamole but the pain was so bad, I am now so repulsed by it I can have it on same plate. Sushi places always sneak it in there it’s so hard to try to explain!!

  • I’m 56 and found I couldn’t eat bananas as we last raisins. What’s crazy is I have eaten banana pudding(homemade with vanilla wafers) and don’t recall having the pains. It’s always worse on an empty stomach. I avoid bananas now except the occasional banana pudding(I love it). It must be an age thing because I never had a problem till after I turned 40. Ha ha. Wish they had a cure cause I love bananas. Thinking of trying a pro biotic.

  • I cannot tell you how thankful I am to see this post. I have been experiencing this cramping you have mentioned for a few years now. I have since started a food diary where I write down absolutely everything I eat and track when I feel the stomach pain. This has helped to reveal what causes these stomach issues. So far I have a “do not EVER eat this” list that seems to be growing by the month lately. The foods I cannot eat include quinoa (this includes pastas make from quinoa flour), zucchini/yellow squash, spaghetti squash, banana squash, large amounts of tomatoes, and sometimes avocados. My whole life I have hated bananas but lately I have been trying to include them in my diet and after whipping up a batch of banana pancakes last weekend I ended up in crippling pain for 2 or 3 hours straight after consuming the meal. I am so happy to see there are others experiencing the same pain and frustration that I have been going through for the last 2 or 3 years. It is not fun but it’s nice to know that you are not the only person with a crazy stomach!

  • I have suffered stomach problems all my life.I had an operation when i a baby as my bowel was inside out.I suffered great pain at times growing up ,spending 1 or 2 weeks a year in hospital.Blood tests were taken,i was starved for days by doctors ,fluids only..no solution found!I’m nearly 60 and have found certain foods cause me severe and at times unbareable pain,this is not a complete list but the major offenders
    Fruit..apple skins
    Baked potato..skins
    it seems the inability to digest anything with a tough skin is an obvious one,also i have been told i eat too fast!

  • Two years ago I suffered what was without a doubt the worst possible abdominal pain known to mankind! The relentless pain lasted for several hours, while I could do little more than curl up in a ball and pray the pain would go away. After multiple occurrences, I was able to narrow it down to what I now refer to as – Evil Bananas.

    I’m 49 and have no issues at all with any other foods. I can eat pretty much anything I like, except for Evil Bananas. I’m sure those who dealt with the pain get the “Evil” part.

    As much as I enjoyED bananas, I have no plans to ever eat them again as long as I live…and I’m okay with that. Whatever it takes to avoid those nasty abdominal pains.

  • Interesting blog. I used to quite happily eat bananas when i was a child and practically lived on banana sandwiches. However since reaching adulthood i have been totally unable to tolerate them. Always give me terrible griping pains so have not touched them in many years.

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