Ichiban is a Japanese restaurant which can be found in two locations within Glasgow. There is one on Queen Street (in the city centre) and another on Dumbarton Road (in the West end). They offer take-out or sit-in and I’ve taken advantage of both a number of times. The menu includes a variety of different things from sushi to noodles but it’s really only their sushi that is suitable for coeliacs. Their sushi menu is good and varied,  including 6 varieties of Nigiri, 7 Maki and includes vegetarian options. I checked with the kitchen that nothing additional is used in the production of their sushi. They use rice vinegar to help the rice stick but that’s gluten free. I tend to stay away from the California roll or Futomaki as I don’t trust the crabstick and if you get the avacado maki then ask for it without mayo because apparently there may be gluten in this. Soy sauce is obviously a big no no so you can either bring your own or try it without, which I enjoy sometimes as it keeps the taste of sushi and wasabi strong!

Sitting-in at the cafeteria style restaurant costs a little more than take-out. You can get a good amount of delicious sushi for 2 people for around £20 (take-out) and £25 (eat in). If you eat in there are a variety of drinks to choose from. Beer is out for us but there’s wine, cider, sake, soft drinks and teas and coffees. Mmmm, sushi!

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  • I was just wondering whether Ichiban’s menu shows which options are GF or did you have to ask? I’ve been there and loved it but that was in my pre-gluten free days.

  • Unfortunately their menu doesn’t show which options are gluten free so I had to ask. They told me that the only thing they use when making their sushi is rice vinegar making it safe for us but to be aware that the avocado maki includes mayo which could contain gluten. I also asked around the corner in Home Wok and they also only use rice vinegar in their sushi production. I have eaten in both place a number of times since being gluten free…tasty! I looked into Yo Sushi too but most of their sushi contains gluten as they use mayo in their rice preparation. Their online menu however says that you can ask them to make it without the mayo but I prefer to stick to these other places. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  • Rachel

    May 9th, 2012

    I’ve been to Yo! Sushi lots of times in the past 6 months. They have gluten free soy sauce and a book which explains what has gluten, dairy etc in every single dish. Never had any problems since I’ve been there but will check out this sushi place too.