Chex are Gluten Free!!!

As you know I’m all about the cereal and as I’m spending the entire summer in the States, finding great tasting gluten free cereal was at the top of my list! I found on previous visits that there are a number of different gluten free cereals available but as these are produced by specialist companies they are also significantly more expensive than ‘normal’ cereals. I wanted to find something similar to the Whole Earth cereals that I eat in the UK, cereals that are naturally gluten free and therefore tend not to be as expensive as specifically gluten free brands.

I was so happy when I discovered that Chex are gluten free! There is finally something in the regular cereal aisle of the everyday supermarket that coeliacs can get excited about.  The corn, rice, cinammon, chocolate and honey nut varieties are all gluten free! This is very good news.

Cinnamon Chex

Cinnamon Chex

Lots of gluten free Chex!

Lots of gluten free Chex!

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  • Hi is chex available in UK? I am in the US relocating to UK. Two family members are Coeliac and I have many concerns about finding safe products! Thank you.

  • Hey! Where in the UK are you moving to? Tell me Scotland! 🙂

    Unfortunately CHEX are not available in the UK but there are other gluten free cereals that you can find there. My favourites are Whole Earth cornflakes and maple frosted organic flakes. They are naturally gluten free rather than made to be so they are available in most grocery stores like Tesco, Morrisons, etc and they aren’t expensive. 🙂 There are many others too. You will be able to find Envirokids just like in the US 🙂

    Don’t work about finding safe products in the UK. Coeliac UK have a great directory which will help you and your family find lots and lots of safe products…and there are hundreds and hundreds!

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