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Coca Cola Gluten Free

After the positive feedback I received from the Pepsi Gluten Free post earlier in the month I decided it would make sense to write a Coca Cola one too. Today I emailed Coca Cola for a list of their gluten free products.

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Green & Blacks Gluten Free

Today I found myself wondering whether Green and Blacks chocolate is gluten free. It’s a brand I sort of forget about for a while then remember when I see it in a store or a friend offers me a chunk. This time I decided to do some research so that I know whether or not
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Pepsi Gluten Free

With all the time and effort we give to ensuring what we eat is gluten free and safe for us, we need to make sure that what we are drinking is also safe. I drink mostly water, tea or fruit juice and try not to drink too much fizzy juice, soda, pop, whatever you like to
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Gluten Free Cadbury’s UK

UPDATE: Jan, 2015: As of this month, there are still a whole bunch of Cadbury’s selection which they say is “Gluten Absent”. You can check out the most updated list here yourself. I came looking to see if creme eggs are still gluten-free after all the recent madness about the change in recipe and for
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Triumph Dining Gluten Free Grocery Guide

Last week Triumph Dining sent me a copy of their Gluten Free Grocery Guide. Since moving to the US from the UK I’ve often wondered why there was no equivalent to the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory here in the States. It’s something I use constantly back home. The small book is the perfect
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Gluten Free Bakery On Main

I haven’t been eating oats much in the last two years. Whilst certified gluten free oats are meant to be safe for celiacs, I decided to keep oats from my diet until I was feeling 100% better. That way it would be obvious if I am one of the celiacs who aren’t able to tolerate
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Gluten Free Bounce Balls

A few weeks ago when I was home visiting Scotland I received some samples of Bounce Balls to try. I’ve tried so many energy and protein snacks in bar form so I was excited to try a ball shaped snack for a change! Bounce Balls do five different kinds of balls and each one has
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Gluten Free Crunchmaster

Crunchmaster sent me a few bags of their multi-grain crackers to try recently. They come in White Cheddar, Roasted Vegetable and Sea Salt. I was extremely impressed.

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Gluten Free Enjoy Life Cookies

Recently Enjoy Life sent me a few boxes of their new Crunchy Cookies to try. These cookies come in four different flavours. Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate,  Vanilla Honey Graham and Sugar Crisp. They are certified gluten free and made in a dedicated nut and gluten free bakery. On top of this they are free of
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Enjoy Life Gluten Free

Recently I received a bag of double chocolate crunch granola and a big bag of semi-sweet chocolate mega chunks from Enjoy Life.

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