Enjoy Life Gluten Free

Chocolate granola...yum!

Recently I received a bag of double chocolate crunch granola and a big bag of semi-sweet chocolate mega chunks from Enjoy Life.

The chocolate chunks are the kind of thing we probably should have incorporated into gluten free baking but instead my husband and I couldn’t resist munching on these straight from the bag. John in particular was a big fan of these and would often dip a few of the chunks in peanut butter to nibble as an evening snack. Yum! Next time I’ll include them in some gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or muffins. I’m sure they would be a delicious addition!

I really enjoyed the chocolate granola both as a sprinkling on my breakfast cereal and again just as something to nibble straight from the bag. This granola isn’t the type of thing I would choose to eat by itself in a large amount for breakfast but it’s great as a chocolate topping to plainer cereals. I also think it would be very tasty sprinkled on natural yoghurt or ice cream.

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