Envirokids Gluten Free

Nature’s Path produce some delicious gluten free cereals and the Envirokidz products are my favourite! A large variety of their cereal and cereal bars are available in the US and a few of the cereals can be found in specialist stores in the UK.

Cereals: Gorilla Munch (crunchy little balls of corn), Koala Crisp (chocolate rice puffs), Leapin Lemurs  (a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate balls), Amazon Frosted Flakes (crispy corn flakes) and Panda Puffs (peanut butter flavoured corn puffs).

Rice Bars: Lemur Peanut Choco Drizzle, Fruity Burst, Cheetah Berry, Koala Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Envirokidz cereal and rice bars

Envirokidz cereal and rice bars

Generally these products are marketed for kids (or kidz) with a different interesting animals appearing on each delicious variety but every one of these cereals is amazing and perfect for cereal lovers of any age. In my opinion they blow Tony the Tiger and his glutenous flakes right out of the water!

The scrumdiddlyumtiousness of these cereals is probably not completely unlinked to the fact that they are pretty sweet but they are sweetened with organic cane juice rather than sugar and contain way less sugar than most similar gluten filled cereals. Almost half as much if you can believe it as the fore mentioned flakes marketed by our orange tiger friend! I still like to pic n mix my cereals to balance things out though and my morning favourite these days is corn and rice chex with a topping of one of the Envirokids cereals….gluten free cereal perfection!

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