Post Pebbles Gluten Free

Gluten Free labelling

More cereal for your gluten free shelf!

Yabadabadoo!!!! The Flintstones don’t like gluten either.

Post is following in the footsteps of General Mills, making the decision to re brand one of their top cereals as gluten free! Five different varieties of  Chex have filled the shelves of many a gluten free household for a while but they now have a prehistoric companion…

Fruity, Cocoa and Marshmallow Pebbles have been free of glutenous ingredients for some time but since last month celiacs can buy them without any doubts that they are gluten free. I know seeing the words ‘gluten free’ on my cereal box makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

Unlike Chex, I’ve seen on the move small tubs of  Pebbles so let’s hope these little guys will display the gluten free labelling too!

My favourite thing about ‘normal’ cereals being re branded as gluten free is that they are usually much cheaper than cereal specifically made to be gluten free. I love my Envirokids but sometimes they are bit expensive. Let’s hope that Kellogg’s follow the lead of their cereal rivals and decide to make some gluten free cereals of their own! Come on Kellogg’s, get rid of the ‘malt flavouring’ in your Rice Krispies and I may start liking you again!

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