Gluten Free Continental

Last week we booked our flights to Argentina…we fly from Houston to Buenos Aires in August. I just called to book my gluten free meal and after listening to five minutes of recorded information on the recent merger with US Airways a lovely woman answered and changed my meal to a gluten free one. Let’s see what delights Continental Airlines have to offer…

UPDATE: I am pleased to say that I got my gluten free meal on the flight from Houston to Buenos Aires without any problems.

Gluten Free dinner

Blackened chicken

It was an overnight flight so we were served dinner as soon as we reached cruising altitude. As appears to be the norm, ‘special meals’ were served first and I was almost finished eating before the rest of the flight were served. I got blackened chicken with rice, green beans and a roll, a small quinoa salad and a chocolate chip cookie. The chicken dish was pretty tasty, as was the cookie. In the morning, less than an hour before landing, I got a small cup of Dole fruit and a muffin for breakfast.

Quinoa salad

Muffin and fruit salad for breakfast

UPDATE: I am disappointed to report than on my return flight from Buenos Aires to Houston, Continental Airlines forgot my gluten free meal. No special meal had been ordered for me and on an 11 hour flight where passengers are served both dinner and breakfast I wasn’t very happy about their mistake.

One of the staff came to my rescue with a sweet potato meant for her own dinner. She had purchased said sweet potato earlier in the day and wrapped it in foil ready to be heated up. She offered it to me and I accepted. This has to have been the strangest meal I’ve eaten at 35,000 feet! I still wasn’t too pleased that they had forgotten my special meal but I wasn’t going to starve and my potato tasted great along with the free glass of wine I asked for and received 🙂

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  • Hi Laura!

    When you decide to visit Portugal 🙂 , TAP airlines also serve gluten free meals, if you make that request a few days before the flight.
    I’m reading your blog as I’m working in this big grey office so it bring a bit more colour here. I’m actually enoying it.