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2 Figs curry

Friday is my final day at work before my boyfriend and I head off on our North and South American travels and I am heading out to dinner with 3 of my best friends to celebrate. We decided to try The 2 Figs on Byres Road as none of us have eaten there before and their menu looks very tasty! When I called to book our table I told the woman on the phone that I am coeliac and therefore will require a gluten free meal. She said that they have quite a few gluten free options on their menu and to say to my server when I come on Friday…

I spent a fantastic evening at The 2 Figs! ‘Gluten Free’ is not an unknown term here and the restaurant’s staff seem to be well informed about, and understand the importance of, gluten free eating. Often when eating out I get very nervous that the staff don’t really know what gluten free actually means or realise how important it is that as a coeliac I must eat zero gluten. I’ve walked out of places where staff appeared to believe that as long as a dish doesn’t include pasta or bread then it must be gluten free. At The 2 Figs I didn’t feel that way at all. I was happy to accept that my meal was gluten free and prepared by professionals in the know.

Our server said that quite a few of the menu items were naturally gluten free and some of the others could be prepared gluten free. She advised me to look at the menu, decide what I wanted and she would then check with the chef that my choice was, or could be made, gluten free.  I was immediately drawn to the 2 Figs Curry –aubergine, sweet potato and spinach in a rich tomato, coconut and curry leaf sauce. Our server confirmed with the chef that this was naturally gluten free. I was delighted!

A lovely little restaurant and bar, delicious, flavoursome food, large portions and most importantly gluten free options. I felt in safe hands at the 2 Figs and would recommend it to any gluten free travellers who find themselves looking a nice place to enjoy an evening in the West End of Glasgow.

UPDATE: I returned to the 2 Figs for an early dinner this weekend and decided to order the Super Foods Salad. The menu made it sound amazing… ‘Char grilled sweet potato, rocket, broccoli, peas, chickpeas, sprouts, sesame and black onion seed in a tahini and coriander dressing.’ Unfortunately the reality wasn’t half as good as I was expecting. The delicious sounding ingredients were severely lacking and I was left with little more than a bowl of leaves. 🙁 I asked my server if I could have a bit more sweet potato, chickpeas etc, which she got for me straight away. I still spent the evening however, wishing I hadn’t bothered trying something new and had just gone for the delicious curry I had last time!

I’ve been back to The 2 Figs a bunch of times since and their curry is by far their best dish! Yum! They also serve Crabbie’s, an alcoholic ginger beer made in Glasgow which is gluten free and which I adore.

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  • Hope it goes well. I have often looked at the menu and thought it looks lovely. xx

  • Elizabeth Ross

    May 21st, 2010

    Dear Laura
    Love the website. First chance I’ve had to look at it properly. Good luck and Bon Voyage on your travels. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

    Elizabeth (& Stuart)