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Last week on our way home from Des Moines, our one hour layover in Denver turned into a 12 hour layover when our flight was cancelled out of the blue. With nothing we could do but wait until the early morning flight, due to a strange lack of alternative flights heading in our direction, we took our complimentary vouchers for $15 of food and a room at the Renaissance Hotel. We could spend the vouchers at either the airport or the hotel. We decided to give finding a gluten free option at the hotel a shot. I wasn’t too hopeful but I was happily surprised by what I found.

I always come prepared with extra gluten free snacks just in case something like this happens. I don’t want to starve if my flight is cancelled and there is nothing safe for me to eat. On this trip I had packed a couple of extra breakfast bars, a bag of dried fruit and nuts and some breakfast cereal. Luckily I found something safe to eat for dinner but these snacks came in useful the following morning when I was hungry for breakfast on my flight, Bart ride and walk back home.

We ate at Elevate, a casual bar/restaurant inside the Renaissance hotel. Gluten free options were clearly marked on the menu (As they should be when rooms cost $200 per night!). A couple of main dishes, salads and starters were marked as gluten free. I asked our server whether these dishes were safe for celiacs and there were efforts in place to prevent cross contamination. I was convinced that they did and decided to order. I went for a salad. I wouldn’t normally choose a salad when I’m eating out because there is almost always something a lot more appetising on offer but I felt like something light and this one sounded particularly yummy. Artichoke, tomato and hearts of palm with a lemon vinagrette. It was awesome along with my freshly squeezed orange juice. It’s great when an unexpected change in plans can involve a tasty, gluten free meal.

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