Gluten Free Simply Bar

The Simply Bar

I recently received a box of bars from The Simply Bar. Another bar which is gluten free certified! Yay! They have seven different flavours and I am happy to report that these protein bars (each bar contains 16g protein) do not taste like they contain a lot of protein. This is definitely a good thing in my opinion. Many protein bars are heavy, these ones are very light. They are basically interestingly flavoured gluten free rice krispie treats. I like these a lot more than most protein bars (mostly because they are made with cereal!) and was happy to discover they don’t contain lots of confusing ingredients that I’ve never heard of. I think they would be even tastier if they were dipped in chocolate but it’s probably a good thing they aren’t as they would have double the calories! The way they are they are a light snack at 140-160 calories per bar.

The Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cocoa Raspberry and Lemon Coconut are my favourites. None of the bars are very strongly flavoured but these three are the most flavoursome and they are very tasty. I enjoy anything containing peanut butter, cocoa and raspberry go very well together and the lemon coconut has a great zingy taste to it. Simple yet tasty, another option for gluten free travellers on the go.



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