I’m a Scottish girl and Glasgow is my home town. It’s a fun city, if you haven’t been you should visit. If you decide to gluten free travel to Scotland, don’t miss out on bonnie Glasgow! When I lived there and now when I travel back to visit friends and family I am revisiting my favourite celiac friendly restaurants and cafes in the city as well as trying out some new ones to discover what kind of options Glasgow has to offer for someone on a gluten free diet. So far I’ve been both excited and disappointed by what I’ve found but I figure the more places I try the more likely I am to find safe places with gluten free options that I can return to. This is an ongoing process and I’ll be updating this section with all the celiac friendly restaurants, cafes and coffee shops I find in the area as I find them. If you have any suggestions of gluten free friendly eateries in Glasgow they would be greatly appreciated by a coeliac who loves to dine along with her wine! :-)