Jail For Selling Fake Gluten Free Bread

Whether or not to buy products advertised as ‘gluten free’ but that you can’t

Sadly not everything is labelled as gluten free

be 100% sure about is always a difficult one. If you’re buying branded products in a supermarket then you’ve got a label to check for hidden gluten. When you’re walking around your local farmers market picking up local produce from what you hope are friendly and honest sellers you don’t have the same opportunity…Can you trust that Jeannie’s cookies are celiac friendly? Are you confident that Debbie’s gluten free pretzels really are free of gluten? Unless you’ve seen where they were prepared and double checked the ingredients then you can’t be certain but you have to trust someone…don’t you?

Monday’s verdict for a North Carolina man may make the gluten free of us a little more cautious!

On Monday, Paul Seelig of Durham, NC was found guilty of falsely representing bake goods which he sold at street fairs and on the internet as gluten-free. Many customers who bought his products became sick and when investigators tested the products, they found high levels of gluten.

We all wish we lived in a world where everyone was honest and where all gluten free bread was gluten free but sadly this is not always the case. Hopefully the verdict of this case will discourage anyone else from selling false gluten free goods! Celiac disease is serious people! Let’s not play dangerous games with the health of trusting customers.


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