Gluten Free SF Marathon Expo

Free..and Gluten Free!

SF Marathon Expo

Last Friday I went to the San Francisco Marathon Expo to pick up my bib number and running shirt for the half marathon. I also went to check out what they had to offer in terms of energy filled samples in the hopes that there would be something gluten free for me to nibble. I was very impressed. There were lots of gluten free goodies…

The queue (line for Americans) to get in was around the block and then some so Nesquik took this as an opportunity to get some of their delicious chocolate milk samples out to runners. Yum-my! And gluten free.

Inside the expo there were lots of different vendors promoting various bars, gels and drinks aimed at helping us run better, faster, more easily or with more energy. Personally I don’t really buy in to all that. Game day for me involves drinking what is usually Gatorade at various stops en route and then gulping down a big cartoon of tasty chocolate milk at the finish line. Delicious! Some people do the gels but not me. I’m always up for samples long as they’re gluten free!

Lara bars

GU Energy

GU Energy were there with samples of their Chomps. I tried the watermelon and the peach tea..yummy energy jellies! I was told that all GU Energy products are gluten free. Great!

Wild Veggie were also there with samples of veggie drinks. I’m not a big fan of liquid veggies so I gave this a miss but I was still very excited to see they had gluten free signage.

Lara Bars were there with mini sample bars of a selection of flavours. All of their products are gluten free which is awesome! And what’s even better, they are really tasty, especially the Coconut Cream Pie and Peanut Butter and Jelly flavours! Yum-my gluten free goodness!

Clif were there too with a variety of tasty looking energy things to try but when I asked whether anything was gluten free I was told that only one thing was. They also informed me that everything was made in a factory which processes products containing wheat so if I was celiac then to stay away. Sad that I couldn’t try anything but yeah! for well informed staff!

A fun trip to the SF Marathon expo with more than a couple of gluten free surprises to try! I’m full of energy and ready to run the half marathon. Plus, my new t-shirt is awesome! 🙂

My sweet Half Marathon shirt


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