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My husband just returned from a Miami Beach workcation. I only recently heard about these workcation things and I’m already itching to take part in one myself. A free vacation somewhere sunny and awesome with your co-workers. Sign me up! Luckily for me, my husband is pretty great and he managed to squeeze in a little gluten free travelling for me during his trip. Through a little research before he left and his findings whilst he was down there he came across a variety of restaurants in Miami Beach which offer gluten free options. If you are headed to Miami, these could be some good places to try.

Naked Pizza is a Pizza chain with a location in Miami, Florida (1260 Washington Ave. Miami). They offer 12 inch gluten free pizzas. John spoke with staff at Naked Pizza and was extremely impressed that they were doing everything in their power to prevent the chance of cross contamination in gluten free orders. Gluten free pizzas are cooked on a specific gluten free tray in the oven, different utensils are used, gluten free toppings are kept separately from other toppings. Everything needed to make gluten free pizza is kept on a different shelf away from the other glutenous pizza. Gluten free pizza never touches the countertop – it’s always on a gluten free specific tray to keep customers safe. This sounds great to me! You can also watch a video on their site showing how they prepare their gluten free pizza. Fantastic!

Naked Pizza

Pizza Fusion is another pizza chain with a location in Miami Beach.( 1115 5th Street  Miami Beach) They can make any of their pizzas gluten free (except sweet Italian sausage and meatballs) They also serve gluten free desserts – gelato and a home-made brownie. According to their website they take a lot of precautions to ensure gluten free pizzas are as safe as possible for gluten free customers. Gluten free foods are prepared with sanitized equipment, special utensils, and on separate surfaces.

Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian-American Steakhouse chain with many locations throughout the US including Miami Beach- (300 Alton Road #200) which offers gluten free meals.

Original Pancake House has 10 locations in South Florida and serves gluten free pancakes!

Mellow Mushroom is a chain serving pizza, sandwiches and salads and they have a gluten free menu. They have locations in lots of States, including Florida, and one on Delray Beach (25 SE 6th Ave).

PF Changs has a few locations in Miami.

More cation than work?

Beautiful Floridian beach

Yard House has a location in Miami (320 San Lorenzo Avenue, Coral Gables) and they have a gluten sensitive menu with lots of gluten free options. If you eat here double check that they take the necessary precautions to keep you safe.

Green Wave Cafe  in nearby Plantation, Florida (5221 West Broward Blvd) is a 100% gluten free cafe! Everything they prepare and serve is organic, vegan, raw and most importantly for gluten free travellers, gluten free! Everything sounds delicious, especially their gluten free cheesecake made from cashews, walnuts, dates and coconut.

Do you live gluten free in Miami Beach or have you travelled there? Where are what did you eat?

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