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Yesterday I took a day trip to Sacramento with my friend. We had a really fun day and lots of tasty gluten free goodies were discovered. This was my first visit to Sacramento and I enjoyed wandering down the many tree lined streets which were especially pretty due to all the fallen leaves and autumn colours.

What every celiac hopes to find when they visit a new town is a 100% gluten free store run by gluten free staff who are extremely knowledgeable and helpful about available gluten free options in their town. Sacramento has this. Gluten Free Specialty Market is must visit for any gluten free travellers who find themselves in California’s pretty capital city. Not only does this market provide an expansive collection of celiac friendly products but they have also produced an information sheet on restaurants in the area with gluten free options. The sheet gives tips on how to ensure you get a safe meal at each of the eateries.

We decided to eat at Dad’s Kitchen on 2968 Freeport, a homey place which does sandwiches, burgers and salads. I was attracted by their promise of gluten free bread and their delicious sounding selection of sandwich toppings. On first explaining to our server that I was celiac I didn’t feel too confident that cross contamination would not be an issue but after speaking with other members of staff I felt confident enough to order. The kitchen understood that I was ‘totally gluten free’ and would do everything they could to keep me safe. They would change their gloves, put foil down to avoid cross contamination and use separate utensils. I went for the Rueben and it was very delicious. Their sandwiches come with fries but these are cooked in the same fryer as breaded glutenous things so they changed this for a salad. The bread was extremely light and tasty and didn’t seem gluten free at all. I was impressed.

Dad's Kitchen

Gluten free Reuben

We almost ate at Sugar Plum on 2315 K Street but decided against it as the chef said he wouldn’t be comfortable feeding me if cross contamination was an issue. Their kitchen was tiny and therefore I was told it would be difficult to keep my sandwich away from the crumbs. He may have been being over cautious but I couldn’t help but leave after hearing this. Their sandwiches did sound pretty delicious though!

I was interested in Mikuni Sushi on 1530 J Street and I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in the area. It’s a sushi restaurant, so nothing extraordinary there, but they have a gluten free menu which is what interests me. Sushi is often a good choice for celiacs but I don’t think I’ve ever before come across a sushi place which actually has a seperate gluten free menu. The fact that this place has one, and also has gluten free soy sauce, gives me confidence that they will hopefully take gluten free cooking seriously.

Finding gluten free lunch in Sacramento was a success and according to the sheet I picked up from Gluten Free Speciality Market there are a whole bunch of other eating out options for gluten free travellers headed to Sacramento. Very good news.

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  • Hello! Enjoyed your post and those are the places I would have recommended going in Sac! Melanie at the Gluten Free Specialty Store has a list of GF restaurants that I believe(?!) she has talked to about their practices! Ju Hachi on S Street has been very accomodating about the gluten free business although I’m not sure if they actually carry the gf soy sauce (I bring my own). Thanks!

  • Thanks, Petra! Yes, Melanie talks about the gluten free practices of restaurants on her list of gf eateries…very helpful for travellers to the area!

    Great, I’ll have a look at Ju Hachi next time I’m in the city 🙂