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The sign celiacs long to find!

Last weekend my husband, our friend and I had a little out-of-the-city adventure in Napa. None of us had made the trip to Napa before and this was our chance. When you think of Napa you probably think Vineyards. Our experience there was a little different as there was no vino involved and the town was extremely quiet on this chilly November afternoon but we still had a lovely day. Pica Pica, my favourite gluten free restaurant in San Francisco, has been hiding Pica Pica Gold (vouchers for tasty gluten free food) all over the Bay Area. They post photographs as clues and treasure hunters have to figure out where the treasure is and snap it up! We knew there was some to be found in Napa and decided to add finding it into our day.

On top of finding the treasure I discovered a variety of different places in Napa with gluten free options! Any gluten free travellers thinking of heading to Napa to explore the beautiful countryside and do some wine tasting, please do not hesitate. There are plenty of gluten free options here to keep you satisfied whilst you sample lots of great wines.

Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa is awesome. Inside are various eateries and stores selling food and gifts. I was especially impressed because they have two places which  are 100% gluten free, Pica Pica and C Casa. Pica Pica is awesome and I always have lots of good things to say about them but I’ll let you read the post I wrote about their San Francisco location when we first moved to the Bay Area. It surprised me but I think I prefer their Napa location. They have a few more options on the menu (including an amazing fresh coconut and lime drink) and when I handed over my voucher to claim my treasure they said ‘So you must be Laura’. How can I not love a place where I’m famous! 😉

My huge Pica Pica lunch!

C Casa was a total surprise. I’d never even heard of the place never mind their 100% gluten free menu. They serve lots of amazing sounding tacos, rotisserie dishes, salads and various other delicious sounding things. On my next trip to Napa I will definitely be checking this place out.

Another great find was Cielito Lindo, a Mexican restaurant I noticed whilst wandering the Napa Art Walk. They had a menu sitting outside and I noticed a whole bunch of gluten free options marked with stars. They weren’t open yet so I didn’t get the chance to ask any questions but some of their dishes sounded very tasty.

Gluten free options


Cielito Lindo

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  • Hey Luara, we’re so glad you made it out to see us in Napa! Your treasure sleuthing skills are unsurpassed! Keep it up! Yes, the Oxbo is really a hidden gem, Pica Pica is just one of the many great places within. See you soon on the treasure trail! – Quentin

  • Next time you are in Napa stop by the Inn on Randolph. This recently renovated inn in downtown is completely gluten free. Check out their reviews on trip advisor. Also, Celadon in downtown Napa has a wonderful gluten free menu.