Gluten Free Bone Fish Grill Des Moines

Bone Fish in West Des Moines

I was in Des Moines last weekend to visit friends and enjoyed a wonderful meal at Bone Fish in West Des Moines. On their website you can download their gluten free menu. (I found it strange that their gf menu is an exact replica of the ordinary menu but with GF beside the gluten free items. Why not just make this the menu that everyone gets?) Anyway…there were a variety of dishes to choose from and they all sounded really good. The friend we were visiting said he had been to this restaurant a couple of times and really enjoyed the food so we decided to give it a try.

Gluten Free menu

When we got there the place was packed. It was Friday night around 8pm and it looked as though half the city had decided that tonight was the night for some Bone Fish. We were given a beeper and told a table would be ready in 30ish minutes. I don’t normally tend to go to big popular restaurants where you have to wait for a table but since we had driven across town to get there we though we had better wait.

I was glad we did because the food was delicious. While our server was taking our drinks order, the floor manager came to say that he noticed I had a gluten free menu and wanted to make himself known if I had any questions. I asked whether any of the glutenous items were prepared in the same pot/pan/grill as the gluten free items and he said that anything fried would be done in the same fryer but all other items were prepared separately (this seems to be common practice in most restaurants). I couldn’t see anything on my menu that would be fried but I was going to choose something grilled anyway so I wouldn’t have to worry.

Fresh grilled salmon

If you order one of the grilled fish dishes, it comes with your choice of one of their ‘signature sauces’ and two sides. I went for the Norwegian Salmon with mango salsa and sides of jasmine rice and a vegetable medley. Very tasty! My boyfriend also ordered from the gluten free menu so that I could have a taste. His Longfin Tilapia with chimichurri sauce was pretty good too.

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