Gluten Free Sandwich Meat

Finding a sandwich meat that’s gluten free can be a difficult task as this type of meat is almost always processed and therefore gluten tends to have found it’s way in somehow. Back in the UK I use Bernard Matthews meat on my sandwiches because it’s labelled as being gluten free and there are a few different varieties to choose from. When I arrived in the States I had to find a similar alternative.


It was by chance that I came across Buddig. My boyfriend and I were driving from Iowa to Vegas when we were caught up in a terrifying Tornado warning in Western Nebraska. After driving at insane speeds and hiding out in the home of complete strangers, the storm had passed but I was still too terrified to continue driving that evening. We decided to spend the night at a local motel and it was in the truck stop attached to that motel that I first encountered Buddig.

Tasty corn tortilla lunch

When you find a product in the States it’s hard to tell whether
something specific to that area or whether it’s a country wide product. So far I’ve found Buddig in various supermarkets from Vegas to Iowa. I’ve been unable to find any other similar product labelled as gluten free so for now I’m sticking to what I know is safe and turkey, ham or beef Buddig makes a great addition to my new favourite lunch of corn tortillas and cottage cheese.

Boar's Head

If you prefer non pre-packaged meat for your sandwiches then Boar’s Head meat is also gluten free (as are their cheese’s and condiments) and looks pretty good. I first came across Boar’s Head in a sandwich store in Manhattan but as they didn’t serve gluten free bread, their gluten free meats were little use to me on that ocassion. So far I’ve only be able to find Boar’s Head on the East coast of the US.

A similar deli meat, which I’ve found in the mid-west, is Di Lusso Deli meat. Hy-vee sells this brand, it’s gluten free and tastes very good. It’s a lot more expensive that pre-packaged meat like Buddig but it’s nice to treat myself every now and again.

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  • Morgan

    Jul 5th, 2010

    Buddig! Back when I used to eat meat, in high school, this was my cheap lunch. My parents would give me about $4 or $5 for lunch and I’d stretch it as much as I could by getting 1 pack of Carl Buddig Turkey ($0.25), Kaiser Roll ($0.10), Cream Cheese ($0.20), and a Snapple ($0.75). Not a bad lunch for $1.30 and an excellent profit! The only bad thing is Carl Buddig is very salty and processed. I used to like the taste of that, but I can’t imagine it being very healthy. But at least it’s Gluten Free!

  • gilly Utting

    Jul 12th, 2010

    I am so pleased to announce to the world, a chippie in Fareham Hants is serving GF battered fish and chip on Tuesdays and Saturdays. whoo hoo. What is more, he knows and understands the reasons for not cross contaminating our food. AND it was delicious.Oh the simple joys of eating !!