Gluten Free Bachelorette Party

Vegetable Curry with Quinoa

Hummus and veggies

For my gluten free bachelorette party myself, my best friend Fiona, my mum and three of my favourite American ladies spent the evening eating delicious food at Red Avocado in Iowa City followed by a little gambling at the nearby Riverside Casino. We had a fantastic night!

Red Avocado is probably my favourite restaurant in Iowa and I praised it in my post during our last trip to the mid west. There wasn’t anywhere better that I could think of to share a girly night with a bunch of lovely ladies. What made it even better was that one of my friends is a fellow gluten free-er so it was great to able to introduce her to a new and safe place to eat! She loved it! We all did 🙂

For the table we ordered hummus with vegetables for dipping and a huge bowl of seasoned cashews. Fresh and delicious! There are a good number of gluten free options on the menu (although you have to ask as they are not labelled as so) which made it difficult to choose but I decided I was in the mood for something with a little spice so I went for the Vegetable Curry with quinoa and tempeh. A huge portion and absolutely fantastic! Four of us were drinking so we ordered a bottle of Argentine torrentes which was sooo tasty and the perfect compliment to our amazing dinner!

The second half of our gluten free evening was spend at the casino where we gambled about $10 between the 6 of us. The excitement really began when Darcie won $23 playing slots and then Fiona with her life changing $4.20! What a great night. 🙂

Fiona and her winnings

Meagan and I losing our dollars

Happy Darcie


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