Haribo Gluten Free

Haribo is probably my favourite snack food. I find it really addictive! I’ve always been a huge fan of gummy/jelly/foamy sweeties since my gran bought me bags of pic n mix every Sunday when I was a kid and I love all the colourful, fun shapes that Haribo has to offer. When I was first diagnosed I was over the moon excited when I discovered that most Haribo is gluten free (certainly in the UK at least). A few of their selections contain liquorice which isn’t gluten free but this seems to be the minority.

On The Haribo website you can click on the country where you live or where you plan to travel to, to find more information on Haribo in that country. On the UK site for example when you click on a product it will tell you whether or not it is gluten free. It will also tell you if it’s nut free, vegetarian, etc.

Super Kiddie’s Mix, Gold Bears, Star Mix and Tangfastics are my favourites and all of them are gluten free. Fantastic! I eat Haribo a lot so this is great news. I think it’s awesome.

I notice that on some of the countries sites it doesn’t mention the gluten free status of the product. I would guess that the same products would most likely have the same gluten free status from country to country but I know this isn’t always the case and so it’s probably best to contact the country that manufactured it to double check. The Haribo available in the US for example comes mostly from Spain and sometimes from Germany and France.

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  • Hi again!

    Do you know if the Haribo berries are gf? In Thailand they sell the funny mix which now has berries and I am a bit skeptical!

  • Hi Marley. Yes! The Haribo website says that the raspberries are gluten-free. I’ve not seen them in the funny mix before but I’ve seen them as full bags of berries. Hope this helps! 🙂


  • I have in my hand a package of Haribo Tangfastic candies purchased in Australia. the number 1 ingredient is “glucose syrup(from wheat)” listed with just that wording.