My Third Gluten Free Christmas

With my tasty dime bar cake

Chilli and nibbles

Christmas 2011 was my third one as a celiac ( how time has flown!). It was also my third completely gluten free Christmas. I’m extremely lucky that my family and friends are so understanding. They know what it means to live with celiac disease and how careful they must be when cooking for me. I had nothing to worry about where festive gluten free eating was concerned. I hope all of you had a fantastic gluten free christmas too whether it was your first or your 51st.

Friday before Christmas was house party day with my best buddies and their boys. My friends Stewart and Nicola made a very tasty chilli con carne which they had made for us before so I knew it was safe. I sent them my post on How To Cook For A Celiac just to make sure they took all necessary precautions to eliminate a cross contamination threat. They were extremely careful and it was delicious. Another friend brought gluten free crackers and a selection of cheeses and another, dime bar cake and ice cream, both of which are safe for celiacs. John made his amazing spicy salsa and we brought along a bunch of chips and sweeties. We had a lovely night of eating, drinking and catching up and everything was completely safe for me to eat. 🙂

Gluten free with friends

Decorating with my gran

Christmas day, we spent at my mum’s house. Our festive meal was basically a gluten free sunday roast featuring roast beef, lots of veggies and yorkshire pudding. Extremely delicious and completely safe. Dessert was gluten free Thorntons chocolates. Yum! We also had lots of different meats and cheeses to eat with gluten free oat cakes and crisp breads. A festive period without gluten is pretty simple. It just takes a little preparation.

Gluten free sunday roast




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