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Gluten Free Lasagna

  I don’t get to eat much lasagna these days. Lasagna is a dish I would quite often choose when eating out in pre-celiacs days but with the lack of Italian restaurants offering gluten free lasagna this is rarely an option anymore. I do find it in some restaurants which do gluten free options (and
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Gluten Free Kimchi Beef

As you’ll know if you’ve looked at any of my other recipes I’m a bit of a kimchi fan. Ever since South Korea I can’t seem to get enough of it. At first I thought ‘Really? Fermented cabbage? but then I got pretty addicted. It’s spicy, it adds a lot of flavour to dishes and
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My Third Gluten Free Christmas

Christmas 2011 was my third one as a celiac ( how time has flown!). It was also my third completely gluten free Christmas. I’m extremely lucky that my family and friends are so understanding. They know what it means to live with celiac disease and how careful they must be when cooking for me. I
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Kryptonite Beef Curry

John and I do a lot of experimenting with meals. I don’t think we have ever followed a recipe. We are more the ‘try it out and see what happens’ type. We tend to buy a bunch of things that we like and then choose a selection that we think would work together, adding various
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Gluten Free Beef Casserole

I enjoy cooking and experimenting with gluten free dishes and luckily for me so do most of my family and friends. I’m a big fan of simple dishes which can be prepared fairly quickly and without too many different ingredients which is why my gluten free recipes section is mostly filled with these types of
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