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Cereal Which Should Be Gluten Free (But Isn’t)

It’s three years since I was diagnosed with celiac disease, three years since I stopped eating gluten, three years since I’ve been able to eat some of my favourite cereals. So many of my old favourite cereals are not gluten free simply because of one ingredient. Most breakfast cereals contain barley malt extract, barley malt flavouring
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Is Listerine Gluten Free?

I’ve been using Listerine mouthwash on and off for years now. I remember checking what was probably a couple of years ago now that the variety I was using was gluten free and safe for me to use but since it had been a while I decided it would be a good idea to double
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Are Nuts Safe For Celiacs?

  Are nuts safe for celiacs? Some of you may be reading this and thinking, seriously? Is this gluten free traveller chick really trying to tell me that I can’t eat nuts now? She’s already made me uncertain about my morning coffee and I KNOW that nuts are gluten free. In theory, YES. Nuts themselves
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