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Vanuatu Gluten Free

For most travellers, Vanatu simply represents an idyllic tropical getaway destination, with beaches, snorkelling, adventure and friendly local folk in equal measures. But how does it stack up as a gluten free destination? Anne Vize visited recently to check out the options for a gluten free traveller, and was pleasantly surprised by what she found.

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Gluten Free Malaysia

I loved Malaysia! For my 30th birthday adventure John and I spent a week in the fantastic Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, and a few days in the beautiful historic city of Malacca (Melaka). Kuala Lumpur is a great city for exploring and people watching. There are a few must sees like the Batu Caves, Petaling
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Gluten Free Singapore

It was my 30th birthday in January and so to celebrate we spent a couple of weeks exploring Singapore and Malaysia. What a fantastic trip. This was an extra special adventure, not only because I was turning 30, but also because I was visiting my 50th (and 51st) country! Travel geek 😀 Let me start
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Is Quinoa Safe For Celiacs?

Could quinoa be unsuitable for some celiacs? Some folks think, possibly. I keep hearing about this quinoa possibly not being safe for celiacs malarky. There don’t seem to be any concrete findings on this issue as yet but I decided I was too intrigued by the possibility of quinoa being another dodgy grain for celiacs
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20 Healthy Gluten Free Snacks

What are your favourite healthy gluten free snacks? There are a lot of posts out there which talk about the latest gluten free chips, cookies, muffins, candy or chocolate but sometimes celiacs want and need healthy gluten free snacks to nibble. So what do you snack on when you are feeling in a healthy mood?
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Are Nuts Safe For Celiacs?

  Are nuts safe for celiacs? Some of you may be reading this and thinking, seriously? Is this gluten free traveller chick really trying to tell me that I can’t eat nuts now? She’s already made me uncertain about my morning coffee and I KNOW that nuts are gluten free. In theory, YES. Nuts themselves
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Keep Your City Break Gluten Free

  Planning a city break or a long weekend somewhere new? Gluten free travelling to a location you haven’t yet explored can be stressful if you’re aren’t ready for it. Where will I eat? What will I eat? What if I get sick? What if I don’t speak the language? I’ve been on many gluten
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