Are His Kisses Gluten Free?

A gluten free kiss after my marathon!

The following is strong evidence of just how much time I spend focused on my gluten free world…

When Cher sang the Shoop Shoop song she may have been talking about love when she said ‘It’s in his kiss’ but hearing these words leads my wee gluten free noggin (that’s my head) to think about whether kissing could be a source of cross contamination?

The answer is yes, of course it could be and from doing a little research it looks as though there are lots of safe celiacs out there who agree with me. Could glutenous kisses from my boyfriend really be a threat to my now healthy villi? (This may be the weirdest question I’ve ever asked!)

Unless the person you love to kiss has decided to go completely gluten free with you then it’s probably best to stay away from any passionate snogging (or making out to North Americans) unless your partner has brushed their teeth. If they’ve been gorging on a highly glutenous pizza at dinner or you’re out for a drink and they’ve polished off a couple of wheat filled beers, be careful.

I think it was John who thought about this issue before me. At home we eat gluten free together but he eats glutenous lunches at work and snacks on glutenous snacks and beer from time to time. If he has recently eaten gluten he will wipe his mouth and give me a little soft kiss to keep me safe. If we are out at a bar and he’s drinking beer he will kiss me on the cheek. He’s very careful and I love him for it.

When you’ve spent the time ensuring your kitchen is 100% gluten free and double checked the ingredients in everything you need for dinner the last thing you want is to be contaminated by your boyfriend (or girlfriend’s) kisses!

Are you hearing this John? No cookies for you on the journey to meet me at the airport! 🙂


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  • A few months back I kissed my baby as I headed out the door to work and by the time I got to work my stomach was killing my, I was so confused because I had eaten Cheese and grapes for breakfast and then it struck me like lightning that the baby had been eating a nautragrain bar for breakfast and I had kissed him, so now my boys and husband aren’t allowed to kiss me or touch me with glutenie hands.

  • Super Cute! ><

  • Sarah555

    Feb 14th, 2012

    I am so glad you posted this piece – I thought I was the only one who worried about this stuff! I thought I was being so good with my GF diet, but I would find myself getting a headache and kind of bloated around 10am, even though I was eating a pretty good breakfast. I finally realized that my toothpaste had gluten in it…my dentist said I should try Dr Nate’s Naturals (it’s GF and also SLS and fluoride-free – but I think there are other brands out there too) and I think it’s made a big difference. I never realized that even just that bit of gluten in the morning could be such a big deal!

  • Hi Sarah, I’m happy you like it 🙂
    It really is shocking some the strange things which can contain gluten. Which toothpaste were you using which had gluten in it?

  • I love my boyfriend. He is so aware of this now. If he wants to kiss me after eating “doom” he kisses my cheek. It excites me too that he still wants to kiss me so much after nearly 8 years together. He’s super aware. It shows concern and love.

  • I never thought about it much, until I spent a week getting poisoned by my hubby’s kisses… it took darn near 3 weeks to get over it, so never again!

  • Sarah555, do you remember which brand of toothpaste had gluten in it? Never even thought to check that!


  • My daughters have celiac (which is bad enough), but they also have life threatening peanut allergies. I have had “the talk” with all three of them about being very honest with your partener about your allergies and always being aware of what they have eaten recently before kissing them. You are a lucky girl to have such a supportive man! 🙂