Gluten Free Reid’s Cafe, Perth, Scotland

My smoked ham and chutney sandwich 😀

Last weekend I drove up to Perth to visit my lovely friend Fiona. I’m lucky to have so many nice friends and family members who are always on the lookout for coeliac friendly places to eat and shop. Fiona is one of these friends and last week when she walked into Reid’s Cafe on the High Street in Perth she noticed a bunch of gluten free signage. She decided to ask the waitress about their options for coeliacs and it turns out they do quite a few!

This lovely wee cafe has a bunch of tables for happy patrons to enjoy their tasty food and lots of friendly staff. Whilst it’s busy at weekends there’s a nice atmosphere to the place. Gluten free wise they do soups, sandwiches on gluten free bread and a variety of cakes and biscuits. I opted for a sandwich with smoked ham and chutney. Yummmy 😀

I was told that all of their sandwiches could be prepared gluten free, a variety of their soups were gluten free and they had a few gluten free cakes, kept separate from ‘evil cakes’ to avoid any cross contamination. Their gluten free shortbread and some sort of sponge cake both looked really tasty. I passed on the dessert as I had chocolate easter eggs to eat but I’ll definitely give them a try on my next visit!


Reid's Cafe

Lots of gluten free options

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