Gluten Free Registry

The Gluten Free Registry Site

The Gluten Free Registry Site

Today I came across a website that excited me very much!  Gluten Free Registry. It’s a huge, free, searchable database of gluten free restaurants, searchable primarily by State and then by City, the aim being  ‘to put people and gluten-free friendly restaurants, bakeries, caterers, grocers and more together’ (mission statement) Their terms and conditions state that to appear on the registry restaurants must indicate gluten free selections on their menu, provide a seperate gluten free menu or offer gluten free replacement products. Caterers must have previous experience preparing gluten free food and grocers must clearly identify gluten free selections. The database contains a great deal of information for eating gluten free throughout the States but they also have a  fairly large variety of links to gluten free friendly businesses in various other countries.

Looking through the database I was so happy to discover the huge number of places that cater for Coeliacs throughout the USA, especially the larger cities. In a couple of weeks time I am travelling to, and willl spend the summer in, the United States and I will keep checking this fantastic source of information as I  move around the country. I am starting off in New York and Boston before travelling to Iowa, Minneapolis, Vegas and a variety of other cities and towns during the summer. With the help of Gluten Free Registry I will keep you updated on how I find gluten free travelling in the United States of America.

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  • Thank you for writing about us! We decided to commit to this labor of love after a vacation several years ago where we decided to just “wing it” and figure out the dining when we got there. It was nearly disastrous and we almost had to come home early. Now we plan our travel destination based on the local gluten-free dining!