Have I Been Glutenated?

Since starting my gluten free diet last August I haven’t really felt as though I’ve made many mistakes as I’ve been feeling so much better. This week however, I’ve been feeling lethargic and irritable and my visits to the toilet remind me of how things were before I was diagnosed 🙁

I’ve been having these symptoms for 5 days now but other than this I’m feeling fine and all of the other horrible symptoms like being bloated are nowhere to be seen. This leaves me wondering whether or not I have been glutenated! Does anyone have advice on how I might be feeling if I did eat gluten by mistake? Can having only 1 or 2 symptoms suggest glutenation? Also, I’m being so careful that I’m almost certain I haven’t eaten anything unsafe! Could dried dates from Holland and Barrattt really contain gluten? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

UPDATE (from a more experienced me 2 years later) I almost certainly did eat something gluten containing which gave me these symptoms. I don’t need to suffer from the whole range of celiac symptoms like I did prior to my diagnosis to know that I’ve accidentally consumed a little bit of gluten. I much more recently wrote this post on Is it obvious when you eat gluten?. I got some interesting feedback from this article. It appears that to many celiacs it is not so obvious when they eat gluten.

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  • Laura, I noticed you like sushi…I stopped eating it because artificial crab has wheat and sometimes they use a broth with wheat to make the rice spongy and sticky.
    Check it out!

  • Hi Susana, I always keep away from any sushi with artificial crab and I check with my server that their sticky rice is only made with rice and rice vinegar which they almost always tell me is the case but I guess there could be the possibility of contamination from the crab…

    I tend always to go for simple Nigiri or Maki with either salmon, prawn or tuna, nothing more and I’m fine.

    That’s a bit worrying that some places may use a broth with wheat in it…have you found this to be a common thing? In which country have you found this? I will definitely ask about this the next time I eat sushi!!

  • sansgluten

    Aug 29th, 2011

    Hi GFT,
    Well, I don’t know what Barratt is, but, I did actually read this once, but refuse to believe it until I learn more: Some date trees are sprayed with flour to make the pollination process more sucessful?!? Tell me if you learn more. Also date pieces for baking rolled in oat flour (Enjoy Life products have dates). Oh well! Keep on inspiring us to travel. ITs not easy with CD! Be well.