Ice Cream, Gluten Free?

Is Ice Cream gluten free?

I know that milk, cream, sugar and fruit are gluten free and these (I think) are normally the ingredients of ice cream so does this mean that all ice cream (other than flavours like cookie dough and cookies and cream obviously) are gluten free?

What glutenous ingredients could ice cream be hiding?

I love nibbling on delicious creamy ice cream when I’m travelling to a hot country but since being diagnosed as Coeliac I’ve been avoiding doing this 🙁

Does anyone have any tips on how to choose safe ice cream or can it never be safe if I can’t read the ingredients?

UPDATE: (From a more experienced me two years later). Some ice cream is gluten free but some is not so you must be careful when choosing what to buy. The main ingredients which make up ice cream (milk, cream and sugar) are naturally gluten free but be careful about the emulsifiers, colourings and flavourings which some companies add to their ice cream. These are ingredients to be wary of so you should always check with the company before assuming it is safe. Another additional concern is cross contamination. A company’s vanilla ice cream may be gluten free but if it’s manufactured on the same line as their cookie dough ice cream then it may not be safe for celiacs.

If you’re in the US, Blue Bunny ice cream is gluten free and if you love garlic, head to Gilroy, CA for some interesting ice cream.

In the UK, Thorntons do great ice cream which is gluten free.

If you’re headed to Argentina and you want ice cream, both Freddo and Munchi’s do gluten free ice cream.

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  • I recently flew from Melbourne to Auckland on Quantas, they were giving out Ice Creams near the end of a 5 hour delayed flight on board, being newly diagnosed as Coeilac I am not really up to speed with everything but checked the ingredient and it contained wheat, kick in the teeth to say the least, the young kid sitting beside me was happy as he got my one 🙂

  • Boooo to glutenous ice cream and delayed flights 🙂 Today I was pleased to discover that all of Thorntons’ delicious looking ice creams (which can be found all around the UK) are gluten free so as long as we say no to the wheaty cone and get it in a wee tub then this sounds like a great place for the gluten free of us to enjoy a safe ice creamy treat!