Why I Keep A Food Diary

Healthy, safe food for my food diary

When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease I decided to start a food diary. I was brand new to eating gluten free and learning where gluten could hide so I wanted to ensure I was keeping on track. If I felt particularly bad or especially good I wanted to know why. Last year when I was having some lingering symptoms I decided to start up my daily food dairy again. In a Google Doc I’ve been recording what I eat every day this year and it has really been helping me to stay safe and avoid any unnecessary glutening. As a result of keeping this food diary I’m now feeling better and more gluten free than ever before! I would recommend starting a food diary to anyone who is suffering from symptoms which may be food related. It can be a simple and pain free way to discover which foods are hurting you and which are doing you good.

My daily food diary includes..

  • A list of everything I’ve eaten throughout the day
  • Any symptoms I experience that day
  • Any outside factors which could create gluten like symptoms such as my period/illness/jetlag/stress etc

Why do I keep a food diary?

  • If I get glutened it allows me to look back for patterns in foods I’ve eaten which may be making me sick
  • It helps me to identify any new food intolerances
  • It helps me think more about what and how much I’m eating because I’m writing it all down

If you keep a food diary, do you find it useful? Did it help you to discover what was making/keeping you sick?

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  • I keep a food diary to also help me loose weight. I have lost 25# in about 3 months.

  • I’ve kept food diaries/food journals almost my entire life! And before I was doing it, my mother was doing it for me. It is interesting to notice patterns in what bothers you – and to see when you try something new, if you have any new symptoms.

  • I think, too, for some people they may find that it’s not just gluten they’re sensitive to – and keeping a food diary will help them see which foods could be triggers. For my daughter it helped us discover she had issues with kiwis and limes along with the gluten. And now with computers and ipads each much easier to keep track of what you’re eating.