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Pizza Hut!

Earlier this year Domino’s in the US began offering gluten free pizza and this turned out to be a controversial decision. Whilst the pizza bases they offered were themselves gluten free, the pizza was not completely gluten free as a result of cross contamination, deeming it pointless in the eyes of some and a step in the right direction to others.

Last week Pizza Hut in the UK announced that they have been working in close consultation with Coeliac UK to develop a new gluten-free pizza. Exciting news!!!

Is Pizza Hut’s gluten free pizza safe for celiacs?

Whilst cross contamination is always a possibility in restaurants where not everything on the menu is celiac friendly, Pizza Hut are taking all of the necessary precautions to lower this risk as much as they possibly can.

Gluten-free dough is kept separate at all times, from production to the customers plate, to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with ‘regular’ pizza bases and Pizza Hut have made all of their toppings gluten-free.

Separate sauces are being used for their gluten-free pizza bases and these are also stored separately. Separate utensils are used for making each product.

Pizza Hut team members are receiving in depth training on how to safely prepare pizza for gluten-free customers. They are required to clean all food preparation area and clean their hands thoroughly before beginning the process of making a gluten-free pizza.

This gluten-free pizza option meets Coeliac UK’s No Gluten Containing Ingredients accreditation and will be available in Pizza Hut’s across the nation at no additional cost beginning today!! Monday 8th October. I look forward to trying it next time I’m back home in the UK!

Have you managed to get your hands on Pizza Hut’s gluten free pizza? How was it? How did you feel after eating it?

If you haven’t tried it yet, do you plan to?

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  • I will be trying these out tomorrow so I hope they’re good! 🙂

  • “Coeliac UK’s No Gluten Containing Ingredients accreditation”. Not good enough for me. No gluten ingredients isn’t the same as gluten-free. I’m not in the UK, but if I was, I’d stick with my home-made pizza.

  • Else, I hear you on the ‘no gluten ingredients’ not being the same as gluten-free and I agree but I generally find better precautions are taken in the UK than the US under this type of accreditation. Coeliac UK wouldn’t be able to give a restaurant like Pizza Hut the ‘gluten-free’ certification simply because cross contamination is a possibility. I doubt they would be able to consider any restaurant 100% gluten-free unless everything on the menu is gf and every single ingredient has been checked for cross contamination. I love my home-made pizza too 🙂

    It sounds as though they are taking every precaution a pizza restaurant possibly can and whilst there is always a risk when eating in a pizza place I’m so glad to hear they are working with Coeliac UK on this and taking it seriously.

    I look forward to feedback on how the pizza tastes and how coeliacs feel after eating it. I would love to try it. 🙂

  • I live in Canada but when I travel there I may try it. I hope that our pizza huts follow suit!

  • I have tried the pizza, and it was yummy. I always felt a little left out when my friends were going pizza hut, but for the first time in over a year I could go with everyone and was extremely happy to be going. When I went in, I asked the waitress whether she could keep everything separate and she seemed to know everything about it so I felt at ease. She explained about all the toppings and the base itself. It cost the same price and I had cajun chicken with sweetcorn. Tasted just like normal pizza and felt absolutely fine after wards, there was no sign of a “glutening” mistake. A day after again i felt fine, so I advise anyone to try it out if you have the chance 🙂

  • Well I went on Tuesday 9th October and the GF pizza was excellent! Great size, not tiny like many other GF pizzas. I went for the Cajun chicken too plus extra topping and it was lovely, will certainly be going back!

  • I had it yesterday. It’s definitely safe for coeliacs- I know they put ‘no gluten containing ingredients’ but the precautions they are taking make it safer than most places. They even got me a bowl of salad bar options fresh from the kitchen to minimise cross contamination with the buffet.
    The pizza base was pretty good. But overall I think it was pretty crap. But then I hated Pizza Hut before I was diagnosed so I don’t know what I was expecting. It all tastes so cheap- like supermarket frozen pizza. But then I do like tarty stuff like smoked mozzerella and artichokes!
    Good effort on their part though- this is far more of a personal taste issue than anything else

  • Not so sure I can trust Domino’s gluten free pizza. It was announced here in Ireland just 3 weeks ago and myself and my bf (not coeliac but definitely can’t eat wheat) said we’d try it. To make a long story short, he was very sick after it, and I doubt we’ll try it again. It was a pretty disappointing experience as he has really missed eating certain foods since being diagnosed.

  • Georgie

    Dec 23rd, 2012

    I went to the Pizza Hut on Oxford St a few weeks ago now – customer service in general was awful which made me anxious. I asked if they did the Gluten Free Pizza’s – she thought I was talking about a deal from the website, had never heard the word ‘Gluten’ before. Myself and my boyfriend left before ordering. Promising to see above comments though, may well try another branch.

  • I have eaten twice at Pizza hut in Scarborough. The pizza was OK and it was nice to be able to eat there with my children instead of avoiding it. What really impressed me was the staff’s awareness of the importance of avoiding cross contamination. Not only was the pizza square to avoid confusion but it came with my own cutter to reassure me that it had not been cut with a contaminated cutter. The staff really went out of their way to make sure I felt happy and I had no effects afterwards.

  • I had pizza hut gf pizza for the first time yesterday, unfortunately ive been ‘glutened’ im guessing it was probably cross contamination??

  • I ordered a gluten free pizza base for my daughter from pizza hut on 26/04/13 they contaminated it and my daughter is still recovering now. she has spent the last two weeks very ill. I think the concept of pizzas being available to coeliac sufferers form pizza restaurants is a great idea as my daughter feels alienated as a sufferer, I just hope they take note and make sure that their staff understand that people with coeliac disease are putting their wellbeing in your hands.

  • I won’t be trying this. Like a lot of take out places, Pizza Hut just haven’t factored in multiple dietary disabilities, and I also can’t have A1 beta casein.